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The War of 1812

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    The War of 1812

  • President Madison Takes Office

    President Madison Takes Office
    ~ Americans were angry at Britain for arming Native Americans in the Northwest.
    ~ To most Americans the countrys honor was at stake.
    ~ Americans felt a new sense of nationalism.
    ~ Many New Englanders believed war with Britain would harm Americsn trade.
    ~ Americans also resented the continued impressment of American sailors by the British
  • War Hawks Take Power

    War Hawks Take Power
    ~ The congress members from the South and West were called the War Hawks.
    ~ War Hawks had a strong sense of nationalism.
    ~ They were willing to fight a war to defend American rights.
    ~ President Madison did not want war.
  • Relations With Great Britain

    Relations With Great Britain
    ~ Britain was not able to meet American demands to avoid war.
    ~ In the first days of the war the British set up a blockade on the American Coast.
    ~ The British had 135 warships blockadeing American ports
    ~ A major sea battle was fought at the beginning of the war
    ~ August 1812 USS constitution defeated Britain
  • Congress Declares War On Britain

    Congress Declares War On Britain
    ~ President Madison gave into war
    ~ The House voted 79 to 49 in favor of war
    ~ The Senate was 19 to 13
    ~ The Americans soon discovered winning the battle would not be as easy as declareing it
  • America Is Not Ready For War

    America Is Not Ready For War
    ~ The American declaration of war took the British by suprise
    ~ As the war began the United States faced difficulties of its own
    ~ The navy had 16 ships to fight against Britain with
    ~ " The State Of Army" commented a member of congress
  • Britain blockades american ports

    Britain blockades american ports
    ~ The British navy had 135 warships blockading American ports
    ~ The British had closed all American ports by wars end
    ~ In the first days of the war the British set up a blockade
  • The Invasion Of Canada

    The Invasion Of Canada
    ~ General William Hull mooved American troops into canada from Detroit
    ~ The Canadians were led by a powerful British leader named General Isaac Brock
    ~ Brocks scare tactics worked
    ~ Hull retreated from Canada
    ~ Canadians fought fiercely and forced the Americans to retreat
  • USS Constitution Scores A Victory

    USS Constitution Scores A Victory
    ~ This was major sea battle
    ~ The USS constiotution beated the British warship Guerrier'e
    ~ The Americans thought the constitution of being made of iron
    ~ The Americans nicknamed the Constitution "old Ironsides"
  • Battle Of Lake Erie

    Battle Of Lake Erie
    ~ The Americans sent out to win control of Lake Erie
    ~ The British battered Perry's own ship and left it helpless
    ~ The Americans won the battle
    ~ Perry took his flag down and rowed over to another American ship
    ~ Perry wrote his victory message down on the back of an envelope it read " we have met the enemy and they are ours"
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Horseshoe Bend
    ~ Andrew Jackson took command of the American troops in the creek war
    ~ With the help of the Cherokees Jackson won the Horseshoe Bend battle
    ~ The leader of the creeks walked alone into Jacksons camp to surrender
  • Washington D.C. Attacked And Burned

    Washington D.C. Attacked And Burned
    ~ President Madison himself watched the battle
    ~ The British marched to the capital
    ~ Dolley Madison scrawled a note to her sister
    ~ Dolley fled South
    ~ The British marched north towards Baltimore
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    ~ The British's first attack was Fort McHenry
    ~ British warships bombarded the fort through the night
    ~ At dawn the American flag still fled over the fort
    ~ The Amricans had beaten off the attack
  • Writing Of The Star Sangled Banner

    Writing Of The Star Sangled Banner
    ~ Francis Scott Key witnessed the battle and wrote a poem about the bombardment
    ~ "The star spangled banner" was set to music then adopted as the national anthem of the United States
    ~ The "broad stripes and bright stars" on the flag waved over Fort McHenry
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    ~ The Americans won the battle of Thames
    ~ Without Tecumseh's leadership the Indian confederation soon fell apart
    ~ The British lost control of Lake Erie
    ~ Tecumseh died in the fighting
  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention
    ~ The Federalists disliked the republican president and the war
    ~ The delegates threatened to leave
    ~ News of the peace treaty arrived
    ~ With the war over the protest was meaningless
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    ~ The treaty had turned things to the way they were before the war
    ~ News of the treaty took several weeks to reach the United States
    ~ On Christmas Eve 1814 the two sides signed the Treaty of Ghent
    ~ In that time the two sides fought one more battle
  • The Battle Of New Orleans

    The Battle Of New Orleans
    ~ The British hoped to sail up the Mississippi
    ~ The American soldiers dug trenches to defend themselves
    ~ Jackson turned his frontier fighters into a strong army
    ~ Jackson Marched through Mobile and set up camp in New Orleans
    ~ Andrew Jackson became a national hero