War 1812

War of 1812 - The Rebellion of 1837

  • War Declaration

    War Declaration
    The Americans declare war on Great Britain, starting the War of 1812. They declared was because of unfair trade, American humiliation, and for sailor's rights.
  • Americans enter Canada

    Americans enter Canada
    General William Hull enters Canada
  • General William Hull surrenders to General Isaac Brock

    This happened in Detroit.
  • Battle of Queenston Heights

    Battle of Queenston Heights
    Sir Isaac Brock killed in battle.
  • American Retreat from Canada

    American Retreat from Canada
    The Amercans retreat from Eastern Canada, to be excact.
  • Americans attack Fort Erie

    Americans attack Fort Erie
  • Period: to

    Battle of Frenchtown

    It was fought in Frenchtown, Michigan Territory (present-day Monroe, Michigan).
  • Battle of York

    Battle of York
    York is the present day Toronto.
  • Period: to

    Siege of Fort Meigs

    This siege took place in northwestern Ohio, condected by the British.
  • Attack of Havre de Grace

    Attack of Havre de Grace
    Led by the British. The American Lieutenant John O'Neill single-handedly manned a cannon to help defend the town. Havre de Grace is located in Harford County, Maryland which is in the US. They implied great damage on the county, for they burned it! Seems like the British use fire as their weapon in battle...
  • Battle of Fort George

    Battle of Fort George
    The Americans defeated the British in this battle, capturing Upper Canada, which is present day southern Ontario.
  • Battle of Stoney Creek

    Battle of Stoney Creek
    British victory! (In which the Americans fought themselves. Great strategy!)
  • Battle of Craney Island

    Battle of Craney Island
    An American win, which saved Norfolk, Virginia from British invasion
  • Battle of Beaver Dams

    Battle of Beaver Dams
    In this battle, Laura Secord overheared the American plan, and making a long, dangerous, and difficult trek to the British at the Decou's stone house (near present day Brock University), to warn them of the plans. Due to her heroic actions, the British won!
  • Battle of Fort Stephenson

    Battle of Fort Stephenson
    American win.
  • The Fort Mims Massacre

    The Fort Mims Massacre
    In which hundreds of settlers, mixed-blood Creeks, and militia
    were killed at Fort Mims during the massacre. They were killed by the Americans
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    A very bloody battle, won by the US!
  • Battle of the Thames

    Battle of the Thames
    American victory
  • Battle of Chateauguay

    Battle of Chateauguay
    In which a force consisting French Canadian regulars and militia and Mohawk warriors made sure that an American force of about 4,000 trying to invade Canada would not succeed ( they British side was successful; British victory!)
  • Battle of Crysler's Farm

     Battle of Crysler's Farm
    The British, along with support from the Canadians, won!!! (hey outnumbered the Americans) They fought through the muddy conditions, as Crysler's Farm is located along the St. Lawrence River.
  • Burning of Washington

    Burning of Washington
    Led by the British, they burnt many public buildings.
  • Period: to

    Raid on Alexandria

    The British won,
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    This was the last major battle of the War of 1812.
  • End of War

    The War ended in a draw.
  • Period: to

    Agricultural Crisis

    (The exact dates are unknown) Although the British Corn Laws favoured the Upper and Lower Canadians' wheat, increased domestic production is almost creating a famine in both Upper and Lower Canada, but especially in the Lower Canadian families.
  • The 92 Resolutions Rejection

    The 92 Resolutions Rejection
    The 92 Resolutions were 92 things that the Patriots (led by Louis-Joseph Papineau) wanted the government to reform. The picture is of Papineau
  • Period: to

    Protest Assemblies held

    From March to August in Quebec, many protest assemblies were held againgst the government's desicion to decrease the amount of Canadian wheat the imported.
  • Racial Riots - Solomon Moseby

    In Niagara, (yes, the Niagara Falls, Niagara) racial riots are happening. It all started when Solomon Moseby had successfully escaped slavery in Kentucky and had arrived in Niagara. But, he was caught in Niagara, and, under the great pressure of the USA, Canada gave him back to his owner, and charged him with horse theft. (He stole his owner's horse to aid his escape.) The other African Americans were furious, and placed a siege on the jail in which they were holding him. Soloman did escape.
  • Fils de la Liberté

    500 young patriotes in Montréal organize a radical political organization called Fils de la Liberté, (Sons of Liberty).
  • Manifesto Publication

    Manifesto Publication
    The protesting Fils de la Liberté issue a platform calling for the election of a republican government in Lower Canada
  • Grande Assemblée des Six-Comtés

    Grande Assemblée des Six-Comtés
    The radicals hold the Grande Assemblée des Six-Comtés, a mass meeting of patriotes at Saint-Charles-sur-le-Richelieu.
  • The Bishop of Montréal speaks against the patriotes.

    The Bishop of Montréal speaks against the patriotes.
    Also happening on this day, brawls between the Fils de la Liberté and the anti-patriotes occur.
  • Battle of Saint-Denis

    Battle of Saint-Denis
    British vs rebels; the British lose.
  • Battle of Saint-Charles

    Battle of Saint-Charles
    British vs Rebels again; the rebels lose.
  • Patriotes Scattered

    About 80 patriotes attempting to enter US are discovered and scattered.