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Burn the White House (War of 1812 Timeline)

  • War!

    This is the date the United States declared war on the British residing in Canada.
  • Period: to

    1812 - 1815

    War of 1812 timeline. The war that was forgotten by both sides, but remembered here in our proud nation of Canada. BURN THE WHITE HOUSE :P
  • March!

    General Hull led the American army across the Detroit river and into the area of Upper Canada.
  • Fort Michilimackinac

    Fort Michilimackinac
    Also during this time, a small group off British and Natives capture Fort Michilimackinac on Mackinac island. This, combined with British troops which were incoming, caused Hull to decide to return to Detroit. Just in case.
  • We won!

    We won!
    British General Brock and native chief Tecumseh are victorious at Detroit. General Hull believed Brock has 5000 native fighters, and considering he only had 600, he gave up Detroit. He even gave up his own sword to show the surrender of the American army. This was not only beneficial to Brock in the way the American stopped invading the Western end of Upper Canada, it gave Brock access to 35 Cannons, 2500 muskets, 500 rifles, ammunition and provisions. Happy early Christmas :D
  • We come to Queenston, we leave the King...

    We come to Queenston, we leave the King...
    Battle of Queenston Heights! General Brock was sadly killed leading an Uphill charge. He was an easy targets, due to his red coat and his position in front of his men.
  • The Secord Hero...

    The Secord Hero...
    During the battle of Queenston Heights, Laura Secord overheard American Soldiers planning a surprise attack. Risking her life, she helped the British by walking 23 km across fields and forests and warrning them of the attack. The attack occured as planned, but the British were ready, and therefore, the Americans ended up surrendering to Fitzgibbon.
  • Turn right back around...

    Turn right back around...
    Salaberry's militia and 300 native allies turned back Major-General Dearborn and his 6000 men from their Lower Canada invasion.
  • A new year...

    A new year...
    American army captures York (which was later named as Toronto), which was the capitol of Upper Canada. Parliment buildings were burned.
  • Sailors and Ships

    Sailors and Ships
    Naval battle. Chesapeake was boarded at Boston Harbour.
  • Beaver Battle

    Beaver Battle
    The British at Stoney Creek stopped the Americans from advancing into the Niagara Peninsula. Battle of Beaver Dams also happened.
  • Lake Erie

    Lake Erie
    Americans destroy the British naval power upon Lake Erie. Britain loses their naval domination of the Upper Great Lakes.
  • A hero is dead...

    A hero is dead...
    The Americans unfourtunately win a victory at the Battle of Thames River near Moraviantown. Tecumseh is sadly killed.
  • Salaberry and Chateauguay

    Salaberry and Chateauguay
    The battle of Chateauguay happens. Salaberry and his 1600 men, ambushed the Americans as they advanced along the Chateauguay River, which led to Montreal. However, his troops made so much noise they actually scared away the Americans, as they thought that there was a much larger enemy force for them to face (They had 4000 soldiers). This not only prevented them from attacking Montreal, it also prevented them of getting control of the St. Lawerence river.
  • Crysler's farm

    Crysler's farm
    This is when the Battle of Crysler's farm happened. A combined force of 800 British soldiers, Canadien militiamen, and First Nations allies defeat a 700-men American army.
  • Burn burn burn...

    Burn burn burn...
    Americans set fire to the town of Newark.
  • British return...

    British return...
    The British naval fleet capture the American fort Fort Oswego.
  • Lundy's lane...

    Lundy's lane...
    Battle of Lundy's lane. Neither side was able to claim a victory, yet the Americans retreated to Fort Erie.
  • Catherine Lundy...

    Catherine Lundy...
    During the battle of Lundy Lane, Catherine lundy, a young woman in her teens, helped thirsty soldiers by giving them drinking water as well as tending the wounded. Following the battle, Catherine was rewarded when a soldier presented her with a sword, honouring her.
  • Burn the White House down!

    Burn the White House down!
    Washington is occupied for one day by the British. The president's mansion is scortched by fire, and afterwards it's repainted white. This is known now as the White House.
  • Upon Lake Champlain...

    Upon Lake Champlain...
    Sir George Prevost lead the British south. They are defeated at Plattsburg on Lake Champlain.
  • It's over!

    It's over!
    The Treaty of Ghent is created. The war ends...for now...
  • It has begun?

    It has begun?
    Battle of New Orleans. Andrew Jackson won a victory for the Americans. He unfortunately didn't know about the Treaty of Ghent. -_-