War of 1812

The War of 1812

By sdavis2
  • Preident Madison takes office

    Preident Madison takes office
    James Madison took office in 1809. Britian got angry at Americans for giving weapons to the Native Americans in the Northwest. Americans also resented the continued impressment of American soldiers by the British. They all felt a new sence of pride.
  • Period: to

    The War of 1812

  • War Hawks Take Power

    War Hawks Take Power
    War Hawks were the people thet were eager to have a war with Great Britain. People that lived in New England thought that war with Britian would affect American trade. Eposition in the war was strongest with New England. Relations with Britian were slowly decreasing in the early monthes of 1812.
  • Relations with Great Britian Worsen

    Relations with Great Britian Worsen
    Relations with Great Britian slowly decreased in the early monthes of 1812. In the spring, the British told America they would continue impressing sailors. In the June of 1812 congress declared war on Great Britian.
  • Congress Declares War on Britian

    Congress Declares War on Britian
    Sence the British armed the Native American forces that meant it would be harder to capture "their" land. So America desided to declare war on Britain. Coincidentally Britain was at war with Europe and America.
  • America is not Ready for War

    America is not Ready for War
    At the same time the British were at war with Europe they were also at war with America. But still British were not trying to prevent war. When the war started Americans strongly believed that they would win the war. But Jefferson's spending cuts had weakened the American army. They only had 16 warships and 7,000 men.
  • Britian Blockades American Ports

    Britian Blockades American Ports
    In the first day of the war British navy had 135 warships blocking American ports. After reinforcing there troops, the British were able to close off all American ports by when the war ended. Now they couldnt trade with other countries to get supplies for the war.
  • Invasion of Canada

    Invasion of Canada
    Even before the war began the war hawks wanted to invade Canada. They wanted Canadians to welcome the chance to throw off British rule.In July 1812, America invaded Canada coming from Detroit. They thought that they would have to retreat soon because the army did not have much soldiers. Which they did, the British troops with many native american soldiers surronded and caught 2,000 american soldiers.
  • USS Constitution scores a victory

    USS Constitution scores a victory
    Near the beginning of the war there was a major sea battle that was fought in August 1812 fought by the USS Constitution that defeated the British warship Gueriere. According to a tradition the American sailors nicknamed the Constitution "Old IronSides" because the British arms were not effecting the ship like as it was made of iron. That was the beginning of the war.
  • Second Battle of Sackett Harbor

    Second Battle of Sackett Harbor
    During the war of 1812 the British crossed Lake Ontario to attack the American forces that were staying there. The British forces were trying to capture the town and kill all American soldiers. But the Americans fought back and captured many and killed even more British.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    In this battle there were American and British soldiers. This battle happened in the beginning of the war. In this battle 9 small American ships won against 6 of the British vessels. The American victory at the Battle of Lake Erie cut off the British supply lines and forced them to abandon Detroit.
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    This battle was fought weeks after the peace treaty between America and Britian. After the Americans won the battle of Lake Erie the forces started to cross the lake into Canada which was the start of the Battle of Thames. At the end the Americans had won another battle.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    In the battle of New Orleans the british had lost over 1,500 people and over 450 had been taken prisoner. The Americans
    had lost a whopping number of 17 people. The victory at New Orleans allowed Americans to claim victory in the War of 1812.
  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

    Battle of Horseshoe Bend
    In the Battle of Horseshoe Bend it was the Americans against the Native Americans for a change. Native Amricans lost more than 800, while Americans lost only a little less then 50. The commander of the American forces Andrew Jackson had 4,000 men while the Native Amricans only had 1,000.
  • Battle of Fort Oswego

    Battle of Fort Oswego
    The Battle of Fort Oswego was on May, 6 1914 in a army forn near Oswego NY. In this BAttle the British had more then 60 people die or wounded. The Americans took more than 100. This battle was a win for the British army.
  • Washington, DC Attacked & Burned

    Washington, DC Attacked & Burned
    This happened when the British had been sent to Washington DC to burn the White House. When the British rode in the Americans rode out and only a couple stayed to protect the city. But a couple wasnt enough. At the the British burned the White House and many other houses.
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    This was a attack by the British troops and it was a short battle. The americans were hurting them badly from close range so the Britisch Commander desided to go long range. At the end the British won with 40 deaths and 300 wounded. It was a costly battle for Great Britian.
  • The Writing of the Star Spangled Banner

    The Writing of the Star Spangled Banner
    The Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key, an American poet and lawyer. He was watching the Battle in a ship and followed a British soldier in the night. But when he saw that the Americans won he started to write the Star Spangled Banner.
  • Battle of Plattsburgh

    Battle of Plattsburgh
    This battle looked like a long shot for Americans the British forces included 10,000 man and 14 warships while the Americns only had 3,400 men and 14 warships. But the Americans still tryed. In the end the Americans actually won the battle.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    The Treaty of Ghent was the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812 between the United States of America and Great Britian. This Treaty was signed in Ghent signed on 24 December 1814.Becuase of the tough communications the word didnt get out fast enough so the Battle of New Orleans was fought before it was ratified.
  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention
    As early as December 1814, a gathering of New England Federalists met at Hartford, Conneticut. By the time the Hartford delegation arrived in Washington to make their recommendations, the War of 1812 was over. The Treaty of Ghent had already been signed by President Madison.The war of 1812 was over.