The War Of 1812

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    The War Of 1812

  • President Madison Takes Office

    President Madison Takes Office
    -Tension with Britain is high
    -American are not happy with Britain giving Native Americans amunition and guns in the northwest
    -American sailors impressed by Britain
    -Native Americans are not happy with America for taking their land.
    -America was in a bad place when madison took office.
  • War Hawks Take power

    War Hawks Take power
    *Seize Canada
    *Take Florida from Spain
    *End British aid to Native Americans
    *Demonstrate strength of the U.S.
    *Stop Britain seizure of American ships
  • Relations with Great Britain Worsen

    Relations with Great Britain Worsen
    *Britain continued to impress sailors
    *Britain armed Native Americans
    *Native Americans attack frontier settlements
    *Congress declared war on Britain
    *The war hawks wanted a war with Britain
  • Congress declares war on Britian

    Congress declares war on Britian
    *June 1812 Congress declares war on Britain
    *Britain was at war in Europe when this war started
    *Native Americans supported Britain
    *America was not ready for war
    *Jeffersons spending cut hurt American millitary, navy, and army
  • America is not Ready for War

    America is not Ready for War
    *Jefferson reduced spending plan cut on our navy and army
    *The navy only had 16 ships ready to fight
    *The army was not prepared
    *The officers had little to no knowledge of millitary
    *Government had volunteers fighting the war
  • Britain Blockades American Ports

    Britain Blockades American Ports
    *American navy only had 16 ships ready for war
    *American only had 7,000 men
    *American ports blocked by the British
    *Britain had 135 war ships ready
    *When the war ended all of Americas ports were blocked
  • Invastion of Cananda

    Invastion of Cananda
    *War hawks really wanted to invade Canada
    *They thought the Canadians would like to get rid of the British rule
    *July 1812 Ganeral William Hull invaded Canada from Detroit
    *The British captured 2,000 American soldiers at least
    *The battle took place ing Put-In-Bay
    *Lasted 3 hours
  • USS Constitution Scores a Victory

    USS Constitution Scores a Victory
    *Major sea battle
    *USS Constitution beats British war ship Guerriere
    *The Constitutions nickname was Old Ironsides
    *Britian's canons bounced off the sides of the ships thick wooden hull
    *The Americans thought as though it was made of iron
  • Battle of lake Erie

    Battle of lake Erie
    *American Comander Olivier Harzard Perry
    *Americans flag ship was badly damaged
    *Britian & America wanted Lake Erie very badly
    *Lasted for 3 hours
    *Took place in Put-In-Bay
  • Battle of the Thames

    Battle of the Thames
    *Britian backed into Canada
    *General William Henery Harrison pursued them
    *General William Henery Harrison was a veteran Tippecano
    *Americans won the battle
    *Tecumshe ally of the British died, he was a big part of the Indian Confederation
    *Soon after he died the Confederation fell apart
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Horseshoe Bend
    *Creek warrior attackes southern settelments
    *Andrew Jackson took the armys from Georgia to help defend the settelments
    *Andrew jackson beat the Creeks and won this battle
    *The reason we fought this battle was the land the Creeks where on
    *They won millions of acres of land when they beat the Creeks
  • Washington a D.C Attacked and burrned

    Washington a D.C Attacked and burrned
    *British troops land in Chesapeake bay
    *American troops meet British in Bladensburg, Maryland
    *Madison himself was there to watch the battle
    *British scattered the American troops
    *British had no more restance so they burned Washington!
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    *British after attacking Washington went to attack Baltimore
    *They wanted to take Fort McHenry
    *After the attack the smoke cleared and our flag was still there
    *The Americans beat the attack from the British
    *Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Banner after this song
  • Writing of the Star-Spangled Banner

    Writing  of the Star-Spangled Banner
    *Francis Scott Key wrote our anthem
    *He worte this song after he saw a battle and when the smoke cleard our falg was still there
    *1913 Congress made it the National anthem
    *He worte the orignal on an olf envelop
    *He wrote it when he was on night watch
  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention
    *New England states try to withdraw from the United States
    *Peace treaty
    *War of 1812 or the second War of Independence
    *Europiean nations treat America with respect
    *Americas confidance grows even higher
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    *The British end the war
    *They made a treaty in Ghent, Belgium
    *They all signed the treaty
    *They signed it on Christmas eve of 1814
    *The treaty equalized the friendship between the British and Americans
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    *America did not hear about the treaty in time so they had another battle
    *In January 1815 General Andrew Jackson beat the British army in New Orleans
    *We did not think that we would win this battle
    *This was the last battle of the war
    *2,000 British soldiers died