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The War of 1812

By mczerow
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    The War of 1812

  • Presedent Madison takes Office

    Presedent Madison takes Office
    When Presedent Madison took office Americans were angry with Britain for arming northwest Native Americans.
    Americans also resented the continued impressment of American sailors by the British.
  • War Hawks Take Power

    War Hawks Take Power
    To most Americans, the countrys honor was at stake.They felt the sense of American nationalism.In 1810 two strong nationalist, Henrey Clay of kentuky and John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, became leaders in the House of Represenatives.The two and their supporters were called war hawks. Opposition to war was high in New England, but many New Englanders knew that war would efect their trade.
  • Relations with Great Britian Worsen

    Relations with Great Britian Worsen
    In the spring of 1812 our relations were worsening with Britain.The British told the US that they would keep impressing sailors,well at the same time Native Americans in the Northwest began attacks on frontier settlements.
  • Congress Declares War on Britain

    Congress Declares War on Britain
    In june, Congress declared war on Britain.The war came at a bad time Britain was still at war with Europe, however Britian was not willing to meet American demands to avoid war.The British were continuing to support the Native Americans to avoid American invasion in Canada.
  • America is not Ready for War

    America is not Ready for War
    With the Britidh closing the harbor the trade routes were closed to America our supplies were low of certin things, America Was not Ready for War. With Jeffersons spending cuts the navy was week the navy only had 16 ships and fewer than 7000 men, within days the British set up blockades. by 1814 British navy would have 135 war ships blocking American ports.
    (blockades)the action of shutting a port or road to stop supplies from getting to a certin destination.
  • Invasion of Canada

    Invasion of Canada
    Evan before war began, War Hawks were demanding an invasion of Canada. The war hawks thought that the Canadians would welcome the chance to thow off the British rule.In July of 1812 American troops under General William Hull, invaded Canada through Detroit. Hull was unsure of himself, fearing that he would not have enough soldiers soon he retreated.After Native American surrounded them forcing them to surrender. The British captured 2000 American soldiers. A big defeat for the United States
  • Britian Blockades American Ports

    Britian Blockades American Ports
    By 1814 Britian had over 135 navy ships blocking American ports, By renforcing their troops they were able to close off all of Americas ports by wars end.A major sea battle was fought at the begining of the war in august 1812 the USS Constitution had defeted the british warship Guerriere in a fierce battle. Sailors nicknamed the Constitution, Old Ironsides because British artilery would bounce of the woulden hull.
  • USS Constitution scores a Victory

    USS Constitution scores a Victory
    In the begining of the war in august 1812 the USS Constitution had defeted the british warship Guerriere in a fierce battle. Sailors nicknamed the Constitution, Old Ironsides because British artilery would bounce of the woulden hull, like the sides were mad of Iron.
  • Second Battle of Sackets Harbor

    Second Battle of Sackets Harbor
    On the day of May 29, 1813, the second battle had started a British force was transported accross lake Ontario to capture the town, which was the pricipal dockyard and base for the American naval squardron,but they were stoped bye American regulars and malitias.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    American forces were having better luck on Lake Erie, Both sides were aware of the impotance of controling it.A three hour battle took place, In the battle the American Flagship was badley damaged.the american comander Oliver Hazard Perry, switched ships and continued the fight until it was won. Perry anounced his victoriy with a message, We meet our enemy and they are ours.
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    The battle of Thames also know as The battle of Morvaniantown, After the Battle of Lake Erie Americans under the General William Henry Harrison, pursued the British and Native American allies. They followed them into Canada, defeting them. during the battle the Shawnee cheif Tecumseh, was amoung those who were killed,
  • Battle of Horsehoe Bend

    Battle of Horsehoe Bend
    Native Americans also sufferd defeat in the summer of 1813, Creek warriors attacked several southern American settlements. Andrew Jackson took comand of the American Forces in georgia. In march 1814, Jackson defeater the Creeks at the Battle of horseshoe bend. the treaty that ended the fighting forced the Creeks to give up millions of acres of land.
  • Battle of Fort Oswego

    Battle of Fort Oswego
    In the early monthes of 1814, while lake ontario was frozen british and american sqadrons were building frigates with contest in command of the lake during the campanging season. The british under commodore sir james lucas yeo, were the first to complete the frigates on Aprill 14, but when the americans under commodroe issac chauncey, had completed their own, The american frigates were more powerful. Yeos squadron was outcassed.
  • Washingtons, D. C. Attacked and Burned

    Washingtons, D. C. Attacked and Burned
    The british plan was to hit the United States in the capital. the presedents wife gathered up the presedents important papers and fled, Shortley after several government buildings, including the White House, shocking americans that they learned the army could not defend Washington D.C..
  • attack on baltimore and the writing of the star spangled banner

    attack on baltimore and the writing of the star spangled banner
    The British now moving from Washinton D.C. to Baltimore. their objective was Fort McHenrey, which defended the harbor. british war ships bombarted the fort throuout the night. A young American Francis Scott Key, watched the battle and at the end he saw the american flag was still their over the fort flying. He rote a short poem which them became known as the Star Spangeld Banner.
  • Battle of Plattsburgh

    Battle of Plattsburgh
    Bhe Battle of Plattesburgh also know as the Battle of Lake Champlian, ended the invasion of northern states during the war of 1812. a British army under liuetendent Sir George Prevost and a naval sqadron under Captin George Downie, coverged on a lake side town Plattsburgh, wich was defended against american troops under brigadier General Alexander Macomb and ships commanded by master omandant Thomas Macdonough. Dawnies sqadrons was attacked and defeated after a hard fight wich he was killed.
  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention
    In December 1814, a group of federalist meet in Hartford Conneticut. Some delegates to Hartford Convention suggested that the New England states secede or withdraw, from the United States. While the delegates debated, news of the peace treaty arrived. with the war over the Hartford Convention was quikly over as well.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    By 1814, Britian had got tired of war.Peace talks began in Ghent, Belgium.On Christmas eve 1814, the two sides sighned the Treaty of Ghent, whitch ended war. the treaty returned things two the way they were before before the war.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    In january of 1815, while the Treaty of Ghent was getting to the United States it gave American forces to fight one last battle and this took place in New Orleanes. An army of soldiers led byGereral Andrew Jakson. It was a defeat for Britain, But a victory to the United States.