The War of 1812

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    the War Of 1812

  • President Madison Takes Office

    President Madison Takes Office
    Madison was a quiet and scholary man. Madison was a part of the republican party. As president he hoped to keep the U.S. out of war.President Madison easily won the election. He also helped write the constitution and to pass the bill of rights>
  • War hawks take power

    War hawks take power
    thousands of white settelers had moved into the Northwest Territory in the 1790's. The war hawks felt that Britain was treating the U.S. as if it were still a british colony. War Hawks said that they could seize florida from spain. War Hawks had strong nationalism. War Hawks felt that winning a war against Britain would bring lasting peace and saftey to america settelers on the fronteir.
  • realaitions with Great Britain worsen

    realaitions with Great Britain worsen
    this was Caused by fighting with native Americans. The British were encouraging Indians to attack United States settlements. U.S. and Britain dissagreed over trade. Napoleon announced that France would be neutral.
  • Congress Declares War On Britain

    Congress Declares War On Britain
    The house voted 79 to 49 in favor of war. Americans discovered, however, that winning the war would not be as easy as declaring it. the government relied on volenteers to fight the war. Many soldiers deserted after a few months. The government relied on volenteers to fight the war. New Englanders threatend to leave the union and make a seperate peace with Britain.
  • america is not ready for war

    america is not ready for war
    as the war began, the united states faced difficulties of its own. The navy only had 16 ships to fight against the huge British fleet. The government relied on vollenteers to fight the war. Congress would ppay the volenteers $124 and 360 acres of land for there service.
  • Britain Blockades American Ports

    Britain Blockades American Ports
    in the first days of the war , the british set up a blockade off the american coast. by 1814, the british navy had 135 warships blockading american ports. after reinforcing their troops, the british were able to close off all american ports by wars end. The american navy had only 16 warships ready for action. The american army was also small, with fewer than 7,000 men.
  • Invasion of Canada

    Invasion of Canada
    Even before the war began , war hawks were demanding an invasion of canada. In july of 1812, american troops under General William Hull invaded Canada from Detroit. Hull was unsure of himself, fearing he did not have enough soldiers he retreated. General isaac Brock, a british commander, soldiers' .quickly surrounded hulls army and forced it to surrender.The British captured more than 2,00 american soldiers. it was a serious defeat for the united states.
  • USS Constitution scores a victory

    USS Constitution scores a victory
    the ship was known as " old ironsides" because british cannonballs often bounced off her thick wooden hull. As captain Hull was sailing he spotted the british warship Guerriere for an hour the 2 ships jockeyed for position. The british surrenderd. They tore holes in the sides of the Guerriere and shot off both mast. American seacaptains won other victories at sea.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    Captain oliver hazard perry had no fleet so he designed and built his own ships. The British left Perrys own ship battered and helpless. Perry rowed over to another american ship, there he raised his colors again and continued to fight. The americans won the battle. Captain perry wrote his message of victory- " We have met the enemy and they are ours."
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Horseshoe Bend
    the battle was fought in mississippi territory. Andrew Jackson with the help of cherrokees, won a crudshing victory at the battle of horse shoe bend.The leader of the creeks walked alone into Jacksons camp to surednder. Native americans had to give up land to whites."I am in your power. do unto me as you please... if i had an army i would yet fight, and contend to the last... but your people have destroyed my nation."
  • Washington D.C. Attacked and burned

    Washington D.C. Attacked and burned
    president madison himself watched the battle. The battle-hardened, british quickly scattered the untrained americans.In the white house Dolly Madison wrote a note to her sister while waiting for her husband to return.Dolley grabed important papers and a portrait of george washington and fled the white house.The British burnt the whitehouse and other buildings.
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    The british first attack objective was fort henery, wich defended the citys harbor. British warshipsbombarded the fort throughout the night of september 13th, 1814. At dawn francis key saw the american flag flying over the fort. the americans had beaten off the attack. before the attack on baltimore british attacked washington dc.
  • Star Spangled Banner

    Star Spangled Banner
    Francis Scott Key saw at dawn the american flag flying over the fort. The americans had won the attack. On the back of an envelope, key wrote a poem called " Star Spangled Banner." The poem told the story of his nights watch. The poem became the national anthem of the united states.
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    After losing control of lake Erie the british and their aly Tecumseh retyreated from detroit into canada. general william henery harrison, vetran of tippecanoe, pursued them. The Americans won a decisive victory at the battle of thames. Tecumseh died in the fighting. Without Tecumseh's leadership, the indian confederation soon fell apart.
  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention
    The delegates threatened to leave the union if war continued.Delegates from around New England met in Hartford, coneticut.Most were federalist.They disliked the republican president and war.The hartford convention ended quickly.
  • Treaty Of Ghent

    Treaty Of Ghent
    Britain and the united states agreed to restore pre war conditons.The treaty said nothing about impressment or neutrality.These issues faded due to the end of the Napoleon wars in Europe.Most issues were settled later."Nothing was settled.Nothing was adjusted."
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    Jacksons force included thousands of fronteirs men. Citizens of New Orleans joined the army to defend their city. Among the volenteers there were hundreds of African Americans. More than 2,000 British fell under the deadly fire of American sharpshooters and cannons. Only & americans died.