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British v.s Americans in the War of 1812

  • Madison sends a " War Message"

    Before the war, James Madison wrote a letter to Congress. He worte the letter with the invision of starting war againt Great Britian, for the Embargo Act that they were forced to have, and the large issue with impressment,
  • Person: James Madison

    Person: James Madison
    James Madison was the President of the Unitied States during the War of 1812. He was elected President in the year 1808. He has a major role in the war, as being the leader of the country, and he sends the Delcaration of War,
    Picture: A painting of President James Madison
  • Person: Dolley Madison

    Person: Dolley Madison
    Dolley Madison is the first lady to James Madison. In the war, she is most know for her act in saving a portriat. She saved the portirat of George Washington when she fled the White House. By saving that portrait, we still have copys of it today.
    Picture: The most common painting of Dolley Madison
  • War Is Declared.

    War Is Declared.
    War between England and America is Declared. It is declared for because of impressment and lack of trade,
    Picture: This picture shows the two flags, England and America, with the ships as they prepare for battle.
  • The Loss of Detriot

    Under the control of General William Hull, the Americans suffer a great defeat to Great Britian, and loss of the town of Detroit.
  • Person: General William Hull

    Person: General William Hull
    General William Hull was one of the generals in the War of 1812. He is the general who was held "responsible" for the loss of the town, Detriot.
    Picture: Common painting of General William Hull
  • USS Constitution wins

    The USS Constitution while sailing to Nova Scotia, finds the British HMS Guerrire in the waters along the way. The British ship Guerrire, had some disadvantages regarding number of men, and number of guns and weapons. The Guerrire had started to fire at the Constitution, causing little damage, giving the Constitution the nickname “ Old Ironsides.” After a quarter hour, the Constitution had incredible aime and had started to penetrate Guerrire and slowly lead the U.S to victory.
  • Battle Of Queenston Heights

    The Battle Of Queenston Heights was one of the earlier battles in the war, It took place when the American side was trying to invade Canada.The Americans had planed to invade several times, except things such as the loss of Dertriot pushed back the invasion. When a general returned to Niagra, there began talk of crossing the Niagra River to Queenston to attack the Americans, but weather had delayed them. The Americans were highly outnumbered, and lost this battle.
  • Russia offers treaty

    In January of 1813, Russia offers a treaty for the British and the U.S. The U.S. accept the treaty, but to much dismay, the British decline the treaty, continuing the war.
  • Battle Of York

    The Battle of York head comander and general were General Henery Dearborn and Commodore Isaac Chauncey . Their ships left on April 25, 1813 to cross the lake and to fight on the west side to defend a fort, landing around 3 miles away from the town of York. The Americans had a great victory.
  • Person: General Zebulon Montgomery Pike

    General Zebulon Montgomery Pike was the general in charge at the Battle of York. He lead the Americans to a great victory.
  • US capture

    While Americans were on the Niagara River and in Fort Niagara, they took open fire at Fort George, nearly destroying the entire structure. It pre-warned the British that they would soon have and invasion on their hands.
  • A Sea Battle

    The USS Chesapeake left Boston Harbor in the early afternoon of June 1st, 1813. The HMS Shannon was blocking Boston Harbor, and followed the Chesapeake out to sea, At about 6pm, the ships took open fire and began a battle. The British ships were far to powerful, causing much damage to the Chesapeake. The HMS Shannon had brutally injured the captain of the Chesapeake, causing his death. The British had won this battle.
  • Person: Captain James Lawrance

    Person: Captain James Lawrance
    Captin James Lawrance was captain of the the USS Chesapeake. He is most famous for his last words before his death, "Don't give up the ship!"
    Picture: Common painting of Captain James Lawrance.
  • Star Spangled Banner

    Star Spangled Banner
    The song " Battle of Fort McHenry" or called today " Star Spangled Banner" was written by Francais Scott Key, during the War of 1812. It was written because of the battle of Fort McHenry. The flag made for the fort was still up and waving high, thus the lyrics to the song. The tune was to an old British pub song, but it is now, America's national anthem.
    Picture: Orignal Star Spangled banner
  • Battle Of Fort McHenry

    In the Battle of Fort McHenry, the British landed with around 4,500 men. Their commander draged them to fight the Americans. At Fort McHenery a large battle broke out. At the time,a large flag was made, which was hung at the fort. For the morning after the battle, the flag was still there, hung and waving.
  • British offer peace

    With the recent winnings of the Americans, the British decided that it was time to end the war, It was time for the two countries to make peace. and sign a peace treaty.
  • War Ends

    The treaty was already signed but took around 2 weeks for the news to reach everyone. A battle was underway by the time the news had reached everyone. The war ended at 11:00pm and was officially over,