The War Of 1812

By liz_16
  • Tippenne

    With British support Native Americans try to stop u.s westward expansion but defeats them.
  • Put-In-Bay

    U.S Navel forces under oliver Hazard perry gain control of lake erie.
  • Thomas

    Death of tecumseh leads to collapse of Nativr American support for british.
  • Washinton D.C

    British burn capital of white house and other important buildings.
  • Lake Champlain

    U.S gains control of lake, and British retreat to canada.
  • Baltimore

    British fail to capture city and withdraw from chesapeake bay in october
  • New Orleans

    After deafeating Native Americans in Mississipi Territory Andrew Jackson moves to deafed this city.Battle is fought two weeks after peace treaty was signed at Ghent,Dec 24,1814