The Timeline Of My Life

  • My Birth.

    My Birth.
    On the 27th November I was born into a family of my Mum and Dad and my older brother James.
  • Period: to

    27th November- 29th May. From birth to current.

  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
    The 27th November 2002 was my first Birthday I had ever had. I had a party at my house and celebrated with friends and family. I can't remeber it but I have photos of it and I'm sure I would of had lots of fun!
  • I started PreSchool

    I started PreSchool
    Sometime around January 2003 I started Preschool where I met many friends and learnt many life skills. Preschool was a highlight of my life with no worries and lots of fun.
  • We visit Grandparents

    We visit Grandparents
    In 2005 my family visted England and France for a long holiday but mostly to see my grandparents and aunty and uncle. We also visited lots of freinds and land marks. I loved that holiday and thought it was amazing.
  • I started school

    I started school
    In 2007 I started school at N.B.C.S. I learnt basic skills such as addition and subtraction. I also met many new friends and some even remain as friends today.
  • Year 3/4 Aim Test

    Year 3/4 Aim Test
    In Year 2 I tried out of the Year 3/4 Aim Class as my teacher told me I had the ability to be in the Aim Class so I tried out. Ever since then I have been in the the Aim Class and will be in the Aim Class for Year 7 as well. (Sorry I couldn't find a picture for this day so I used an old one).
  • I visited Italy

    I visited Italy
    In 2011 my family went to Italy for a holiday but while being there we also vistied my Grandparents and aunty and uncle from England. While in Italy we went to Rome, Milan, Venice and a place called Bardolino near Lake Garda. This holiday was one of the best holidays I have ever been on.
  • Aim Test Year 5/6

    Aim Test Year 5/6
    Towards the end of Year 4 i tried out for the Aim Class for Year 5 and 6. For some reson I was really scared for this Test but luckily I pasted it and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever.
  • I met my Best Friends

    I met my Best Friends
    In Year 5 I met my two Best Friends Emily and Jasmin. They have been the greatest friends I have ever had in my whole life. They are so kind to me and I'm so glad they came to this school and became a part of my life. I love you guys! <3
  • I went to England, again

    I went to England, again
    In the Summer holidays at the very start of 2013 I went to England with my brother and dad as my mum had to work. While we were there we visted my grandparents and aunty and uncle. We stayed with them and mostly just enjoyed having commpany with them. On the last few days of our trip we visted London like our last trip experiencing great land marks and even new ones.
  • Started Year 6

    Started Year 6
    This Year I have started Year Six and have been enjoying it. I have had challenges and highs and lows but I have tried my harest. I look forward to the rest of my Year and graduting into Year 7!