The Time Line of my Life

By Surey
  • My Childhood

    My name is Surey Marie Sanchez Rodriguez. I was born in Bayamon and raised in Comerio. I enjoyed all my childhood by learning to love the English language throught the tv show Sesame Street.
  • My School Years

    I began my school years at the Juan Zamora School. Then I studied at Luis Muñoz Marin and Juana Colon Schools. All in the town of Comerio. I always got excellent grates in the English class. It was my favorite subject!
  • My Life Changing

    When my brother Omar died, I decided to make a big change in my life. I was ready to move to an English environment.
  • My Family

    My oldest brother, mom and dad were very sad when I moved.
  • My Students in NYC

    I worked about 6 years at Imagine Early Learning Center in Manhattan. Over there I practice my English Language with all my students, some of them were from many countries of the world.
  • New York

    I moved to New York, to study at the CUNY. I began as an ESL student and I had to take many ESL classes. I loved my college and I was able to meet many students from each corner of the world.
  • My Graduation

    I studied in NYC but It was in Puerto Rico that I actually got my BA and MA in English as a Second Language.
  • Getting Married

    I marry Yasar, also a teacher. I am able to practice the English Language with him since he is fluent.
  • Manuel Cruz Maceira Language School

    This are my students from the Manuel Cruz Maceira Language School. I teach all classes in English. It is very challenging but at the same time I enjoy my work very much.