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  • woodstock

    this is my favorite day/ the year my mommy was born :))
  • Period: to

    The 80's

    When music was at its best! and in 1988 my parents got married
  • himmm dun dun dunnnnnnn

    my older brother was born
  • Little baby me

    This is the day I was brought into this world..and yes i did cry
  • the alian came

    my little brother was born
  • Mrs. Grubb

    i started shool
  • a sad sad day

    a sad sad day
    A member of my FAVORITE band the beatles died.....George Harrison.
  • Forrest gump

    I watched forrest Gump for the first time in my live and its my favoriate movie
  • Colorado

    I was with my cousins barthday and they like to shoot fireworks every year i never get fireworks ( ;) )
  • school

    i ran the mile with middle school and uper class-men
  • Saturday

    I went to tulip time for the first time in my life and i didnt like it

    My last day of school Freshman yar
  • Disney

    I get to go to disney with my Family
  • Paul

    I will see a unicorn and take a picture with it :)
  • Orange

    The day i have orange pants on while work
  • :(

    maybe my last day of high school
  • TIME

    i will travel back in time and meet the beatles and be there best friend and marry george and have him stop smoking
  • The day i meet Ringo Starr

    On this AWESOME day i will meet ringo starr the drummer for the beatles and i will take him to Osky
  • I get married

    I will get married on 2020 the 20th of may
  • MY little BROTHERS......................................................................................

    My little brother and his girl friend get married :SDDD