The Tale of Misao

  • First Woman Elected Political Agent

    First Woman Elected Political Agent
    Grantham, Linconshire UK is where the first female was elected first political agent.
  • Olympics!!!

    The first Olympic basketball game was held in Berlin, Germany.
  • UFO?!

    Reports are broadcast that a UFO has crashed landed in Roswell, New Mexico.
  • The King Shall Sing!

    The King Shall Sing!
    On this day, Elvis Presley records a live album at NY's Madison Square Garden.
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    This was the day I was born. I looked like a weird, wrinkly baby because I was a month or so overdue, and my siblings still laugh at me to this day because of it.
  • Infancy Interview

    Infancy Interview
  • My House Plan

    My House Plan
    I was two at this time while my brothers were four and my other sister was one. My siblings and I used to watch television all the time with each other. I hadn't grown much in weight, but I did get tall fast. At age four, I was able to work the television remote to my favorite channel. At school, I was very loud and friendly.
  • I learned How to Ride a Bike Without Training Wheels

    I learned How to Ride a Bike Without Training Wheels
    When I was younger, I was really nervous about riding my bike with training wheels, but eventually got used to them. When the time came to take them off, it was hard to keep my balance, and I ended up crashing into my uncle's car who lived a house down from us, setting his car alarm off. Shaken, and scared, I walked the bike back to my house and set it on the grass, sneaking by my dad who was working on his car to hide in the house.
  • To War!

    To War!
    The first invasion of Iraq: In what becomes known as the "Mission Accomplished" speech, U.S. President George W. Bush declares that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended" on board the USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of California.
  • Fifth grade!

    Fifth grade!
    10 years old. At this time I had definitely gained about 20 more pounds and weighed about 70 llbs in one year. I was able to start spelling long vocabulary words on my own without my parents' help. I was still very charismatic, but I had some problems with being gentle about the truth. (I was being too blunt.)
  • My First Competition

    My First Competition
    On this day, I competed in the local Drill Team Competition with my team and we won first place by mere points!!! It was the happiest day of my life. (1/10 milestones)
  • Big Accident

    Big Accident
  • New Languages!

    New Languages!
    On this day, I decided to begin to teach myself Japanese simply because my auntie spoke Japanese and I was inspired to speak with her in her native tongue. I picked up all sorts of things from Borders such as workbooks and listened to many Japanese songs, immersing myself in the language so I may learn faster. I gained the knowledge of a third grader in a month.
  • High School!

    This was the day I began my new life at DVD. The previous year had left me feeling shy and unable to communicate properly with other people since I was dumped in a Catholic school for eigth grade and I was shunned for being me; I wasn't sure if anyone wanted to be my friend because everyone seemed to know each other and I sat alone in a corner.
  • Don't Leave, Please...

    Don't Leave, Please...
    This was the day when my dad kicked my mom out of the house. I remember waking up to get ready for school and I heard the door open. I went into the living room, rubbing my eye and the last thing I saw was her back before the door closed. I wasn't sure if she was going to work or not but after a few days I realized my dad chased her away. I was saddened deeply because she was my role model, since I was the oldest girl, and now I had no one to look up to.
  • Taking Initiative

    Taking Initiative
    I started my very first club at Da Vinci which was a small club known as the "Video Game Club" (milestone 4/10)
  • New Hobby Incoming!

    New Hobby Incoming!
    This is when I began to crochet little characters to relax myself at night and to find something to do in spare time. I've made so many already! (5/10 milestone.)
  • The New Me!

    The New Me!
    18 years old. I am able to think about the difference between morality and justice, and I often think about the reality of life when I open my Bakery. My weight hasn't changed from 160 llbs for five years but my body is almost always warm "like a furnace." Since eigth grade, I had become very calm and shy, afraid to interact with others unless they initiate conversation first.
  • The Worst Part is Over!

    The Worst Part is Over!
    I graduated high school with my closest group of friends. (6/10 milestone.)
  • Going Away

    Going Away
    I start my first year as a college student in Rhode Island. (7/10 milestone.)
  • Done With School Forever!

    Done With School Forever!
    On this day I graduated college with a Bachelors in Baking & Pastry Arts and Small Business Management. (8/10 milestone.)
  • Open For Service!

    Open For Service!
    I open my Cafe-Bakery with my best friend. (9/10 milestone)
  • Time to Settle Down

    Time to Settle Down
    I marry the love of my life. (10/10 milestone.)
  • I Was Laid to Rest Peacefully

    I Was Laid to Rest Peacefully
  • Reflection

    Death, for me means the passing of one life to be reincarnated into another. After I die, my body may or may not find peace and I could be cursed to walk around as a spirit, hopefully to watch over my children. I believe once I have found peace, or my children don't need my protection anymore, I will pass on and find a new life to inhabit, yet I won't remember anything of my former life, being reincarnated. I will be reincarnated as a pet, hopefully to watch over a new family.