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the story of my family

  • Hector Bordon

    Hector Ramon Bordon was born in San Miguel, Buenos Aires. He is the youngest child of his parents: Salome and Carlos. When he was three years old his mother died and his father left him with his sister Francisca, who took care of him until he was fifteen. At that age, he got a job as a baker in Downtown.
  • Gladis Anzani

    Gladis Anzani was born in Buenos Aires. She is the eldest of six children. Her parents are Segundo and Ana. At the age of eighteen she got a job at a Bakery in Downtown.
  • The meeting

    Gladis got a job as an attendant in the same bakery where Hector had been working for four years. They fell in love immediately.
  • Wedding

    After four years of relationship they got married adn decided to rent a department in Downtown were they both worked.
  • Ana Belen Bordon

    I was born the 20th of july of 1984. My parents decided to move to my grandmother`s house because they both worked and she would take care of me.
  • kindergarten

    I was registered in kindergarten so when I was four years old I started my schooling inParish Robertson Institute
  • Ezequiel Bordon

    Ezequiel Bordon
    When I was sixteen years old, my brother ezequiel was born. It was very difficult for me to accept the new family member. But now I love him
  • School Graduation

    School Graduation
    In 2002 I`ve finished secondary school. It was hard for me to leave that life behind. I `ve been fourteen years of my life, forty hours a week with the same people. I `ve been pushed to real life.
  • University

    I started college in 2003. I decided I wanted to be an Accountant, I didn`t have any idea of that profession but all the same I started my adventure.
  • Boyfriend

    I met a wonderful person that changed my life, Javier, my boyfriend,
  • Graduation

    I could finish my career after years of sacrifice. It was so difficult for me to graduate because with the time, I`ve realized that I don`t like the job that an Accountant does. Better late than never!
  • Profesorado

    I have started the profesorado looking forward to a career that fits with me and I think I `ve found it.