The Reign of Terror

  • Speeches

    Noblemen made grand speeches, declaring their love of liberty and equality. This made people equal no matter who they were.
  • Period: to

    The Reign of Terror

  • Royal Escape

    The royal family tried to escape from France to the Austrian Netherlands, but were caught and returned home. This showed that even the royal family felt that France was an unsafe place.
  • New French Constituion

    The national assembly completed the new constitution which Louis reluctantly approved which limited the power of the king. This showed that the king had to much power and some had to be removed.
  • War!

    Breakouts were occuring due to anger and other countries figured the same would happen to them. So Austria and Prussia urged France to give Louis back his position as an absolute monarchy.So the legislative assembly declared war.
  • The Reign of Terror Ends

    The Reign of Terror ends when Robespierre is sent to the guillotine which shows no one should rule with to much power.