the reason why...

By rous
  • i was born in Rawson.

  • had my first pet

  • i started kindergarden.

  • i started elementary school

  • my "pochoclito" was born (my baby sister)

  • i wrote my first story.

  • i met my best firend.

  • i read my first big book "the man who smiles"

  • i read the novel that changed my life. up to that was before twilight and then after twilight

  • i started secondary school

  • i travelled for the very first time to Europe, i visited Spain, a tiny part of the french coast and Italy.

  • my character "norah" was born, although she is from the 18 century.

  • i did the PET exam and i hated it.

  • i travelled again to Europe, i been in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and UK

  • im doing this *.*