The Opposite of War isn't Peace, it's CREATION!

By cpike29
  • Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore...

    Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore...
    Frosh year, day one. I half expected to see a house sitting on a witch. I was that terrified. I would learn so many amazing things this year, though, and I'm still in one to speak. So, no singing scarecrows or scaredy lions.
  • Am I Sweating Milk?!?

    Am I Sweating Milk?!?
    Mrs. Miller taught us metacognition today. She had us draw a picture. I drew a platypus-boy thing. It stemmed a creative idea that I never followed through on. Most things stem creative ideas though, and I don't act on most of them. But, if I get bored, the platypus-boy thing is back in my head.
  • Period: to

    Freshman Year

    My Freshman year :) So many memories. =]
  • Man? What an imaginative name...

    Man? What an imaginative name...
    This was the day <a
    href='http://' >the cast list</a> went up. It was my first actual production since third grade, and it was my first musical. And I got giant monolouges, but with the help of Mrs. Schultz, the amazing director, we pulled through.
  • Oh god. What are my lines?!?!

    Oh god. What are my lines?!?!
    All our rehearsals finally paid off. It's opening night, and I'm pretty freaked out. I've just found out what love circle is, and it's pretty intense. People are crying, I'm freaking out, and WHAT ARE MY LINES?!?!?!
  • Watch your mouth

    Watch your mouth
    I've messed up bad. Sometimes I don't think before I speak, and that has just come back and bitten me in the butt. It severed one of my already strained friendships. But I took something positive from it. I need to think before I leap. I've gotten better, I promise.
  • Probably at a bookstore near you

    Probably at a bookstore near you
    My book advertisment is finished! Sent it to Mrs. Miller, who raved about it, and said something about sending it to Mrs. Corey. What? I put some pictures and music together. Nothing special. I wasn't even done with the book! The ending was just as surprising to me as it would've been to anyone who saw the advertisment.
  • Think of me fondly

    Think of me fondly
    SERIOUSLY?!?!?! YES! We're doing Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" next year as our all school musical. Yes! I can't wait! I hope I get Joseph Buquet, the stage hand who DIES half way through the show.
  • That much?!?

    That much?!?
    Mrs. Miller finally revealed what that number that was in constant flux was. It was how much more money we would make annually if we finished high school. I can say I'm graduating, and going to college, cause cash is good. More cash...well, that's even better!
  • Twas the night before Christmas

    Twas the night before Christmas
    and we were all gathered at Cousin Amy's house. In Albequrque, NM. Yeah, I was out of town. Got to re-meet that side of my family. Hadn't seen them since I was seven. Really connected with Dyllan, who is Staci's son, who is Amy's sister, who are both Sandy's daughters, who happens to be Frank's sister. Frank is my mom's dad. If that makes sense...
  • On the first day of Christmas,

    On the first day of Christmas,
    my grannie gave to me, a ton of camping supplies. Seriously. That was all I got for christmas. But we had fun. We did Christmas, mexican style, with chili and chicken. It was great! Got to see other cousins, step grandfathers, and the mothers of step grandfathers
  • I mailed it out Dec. 26....OF LAST YEAR!

    I mailed it out Dec. 26....OF LAST YEAR!
    Spent the day at Grandma Joans. She's the mother of the step grandfather I was telling you about. Had lasanga, applesauce, and played mexican train. Yes! I got to look at her new house, and it was pretty cool. She has a sun roof. In her house!
  • RUMPLESTILTSKIN!....Darn it!

    RUMPLESTILTSKIN!....Darn it!
    A new cast list was posted today, this time for The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (yes, that is a word). It was a satirical show about Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and I was cast as the infamous Rumplestiltskin, the ugly man who wants the kid and what not....Schultz, were you trying to say something about my looks?
  • All Parents are Idiots

    All Parents are Idiots
    This day marked the start of my current version of my novel "All Parents are Idiots". It's my pride and joy. It started at a firework show....that's beyond the point. I love writing it, and I love writing in general. Don't question it. Look out for "All Parents are Idiots" by Thomas Potter in a bookstore near you.
  • "Your grasp at writing"

    "Your grasp at writing"
    Mrs. Miller's been looking over my story. She thinks it's great, and has been giving me pointers on making my writing better. Really? I didn't know I that good at writing. I just did it because I form a "movie" in my mind, and write what I see. Is my head really that detailed? Can I poke around and find out?
  • Ever Ever After

    Ever Ever After
    Closing Night for Brother's Grimm. Emotions were running high, to the point of mental breakdowns, missed entrances, and John Beamon preforming a fight scene with himself....and not missing a punch! He's that amazing. Crazy, right? Wonder what one acts are gonna be like....gulp.
  • One act...two act...three act....four?!?!?

    One act...two act...three act....four?!?!?
    You remember those one acts, right? Yeah, I was in three of them. The first one was a 1920's gangster love triangle, in which I played Stanley Lee Griffan, the "most powerful mafia leader in all of Brooklyn." Then I had to put on a banana costume, and was the Narrator in a Scott Piligrim fan fiction. After that, I donned the full black cosutme of ED, a demon personified, a.k.a. Anorexia. Not to mention, earlier that day, I was in a class play, where I was "Rich Guy with Slutty Sister" Leo. Fun?
  • Siaonara Seniors!

    Siaonara Seniors!
    One week left of school, and the seniors are leaving us! NOOOOOOOOOOO! We're gonna miss them all. I've been on the verge of tears all day. So many amazing people, and I'm a freaking freshman. Why?!?!?
  • In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came

    In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came
    Gaston Leroux's The Phantom Of the Opera! Yes! I've been looking for this book forever! And It's got Erik's "Masque of the Red Death" costume from the Bal Masque on the cover! Yes! Here's hoping it's not in french!