The most important events of my life

Timeline created by moises bazan gon.
  • when I was born

    when I was born
    I was born on august 1 2004 to this wonderful copal that has loved me since I was born and I hope for ever.
  • when I went to new York

    when I went to new York
    it was around Christmas time and my dad came home and told me too back my bags because we were going some where at first I didn't think nothing of it because every Christmas we went on vacation but I never thought that we were going to new York I visited the statue of liberty with my parents
  • When i got my first RzR

    When i got my first RzR
    it was my 8 birthday when i was asking for a quad bike but my parent did not like the idea so instead they decided to buy my a RzR
  • My first time going to the lake house

    My first time going to the lake house
    it was a moth after we have arrived to Mexico i my dad had all ways told us about a house that we had in the lake but we never had actually gone to that place so he took use and we didn't what to come back
  • When I came to Mexico

    When I came to Mexico
    I had never actually came to Mexico until I was 11 years old the day after my birthday it was exciting because i just remember that my dad and mom us to tell my how wonderful it was over her but i never thought it was this cool
  • When I got my first accident

    When I got my first accident
    the most terrible thing that has ever happen to me was this accident the worst part it that it wasn't not a car accident it was in the summer we were I a lake house we us to have and we were coming back to chihuahua so we were closing the doors and we had a big gate that we opened and closed when we got the cars out. but that time something happen that it broke and like we were closing it I was in the middle and it came down pretty fast and I was not expecting it and it fell on me.