The Middle East

  • The Arab Revolt

    Many towns and cities in Arabia like Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad, and Jerusalem were against Turkey trying to take over the Ottoman Empire. They began to forw a secret rebellion group the contained some Arab officers from the Ottoman military. They formed political organizations, cultural organizations called al-Qahtaniya and al-Fatat. The revolt started in june 1916 and ended in october 1919. This led to the treaty of sevres and the decision making of the division of territorys of Arab provinces.
  • United Nations Partition Plan

    United Nations Partition Plan
    They wanted to divide The British Mandate of Palestine into two differnt states. They wanted to make one Jewish and one Arab. They hoped this would help keep peace due to the the variety of spiritual religious interests in the city. They took a vote with a result of 33 to 13 approving it. The day after the vote however some deaths occured, Arab attacks killed seven jews and more were hurt. When these states tried to gain independence, but didnt happen the Civil War in Palestine occured.
  • Israel's Declaration of Independence

    The Executive Committee of the Jewish in Palestine had a big decision to make, whether to declare Palestine a state even though Palestine had made several attempts previously to be declared a state. If they did allow this it had some good positives, after the Nazi holocaust a jewish state would provide a safe shelfter for all the homeless jews left. Also give them a right to work. Aloowing this to become a state was a part in helping us win the War of Independence and establish Israel.
  • Suez Crisis

    Britain and France wanted control of the Suez Canal as did Egypt. The United States had an agreement to help Egypt but ended the agreement. Britian and France joined with Israel and tried to control the canal. Egypt put 40 ships in the canal to block and entry. A United Nations salvage team went to clear the canal to end the fighting and eventully Britian and France backed down, giving Egypt control of the canal.
  • Six Day War

    Six Day War
    Egypt wanted to send forces to the Sinai peninsula to block Israels port of Eilat. Arabs also were threating to destroy Israel. Egypt sent 100,000 soldiers and 1,000 tanks to the israel border and on June 5, 1967 Israel attacked Egypt. Jordan help due to a peace treay with Egypt and attacked Jerusalem and Netanya. Israel won. And led to Israel capturing the Gaza strip and the Sinai Peninsula.
  • The Aswan High Dam

    The Aswan High Dam is located in Egypt. Every year egypt experienced floods and every year the floods had devastating results such as ruining tons of crops. The new dam was 2.5 miles away from the old dam and is great for water storage, and it now helps generate electricity. This new dam now helps save tons of farmland and cotton fields. US and Britain helped loan $270 million if Nassars helped resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • 1973 Oil Crisis

    1973 Oil Crisis
    OPEC said they wouldnt ship oil to any Israel supporting countries. This included the US. Causing a big panic,OPEC was in total control.The US had to be smart and use as least oil as possible. It became so even numbered license plates went one day and the odd numbers went the next,with a limit on how much gas you could buy. OPEC then continued sending oil but with high prices. About a year later the prices quadroupled to $12 per brl. The oil crisis had a huge economic effect on the middle east.
  • Yom Kippur War

    Yom Kippur War
    Egyptian president Anwar Sadat wanted an agreement for Isreal to return its territorys. As time passed no agreement was made Sadat planned to send 1 million soldiers to fight. He tried to get Europe, US, and Africa to help. They didnt join, he made the threat again. No one expected a war since he didnt follow through the first time but then attacked Israel on October 6th.The Resolution 338 causing an end to the war. It's now considered a military and diplomatic failure. Led to Geneva Conference.
  • Iraq-Iran War

    Iraq-Iran War
    Iraq invaded Iran with an air attack. Due to politcal views,religions,and hate to Saddam. Iran got support from Syria,Libya,N.Korea, China,and US. Each country got $600 billion dollars.In Iran 1.5 million were found dead, in Iraq 500,000 soldiers were dead or wounded,also thousands of people near died due to air raids and bombs. The end result of this was was a stalemate. Iraq was $130 billion dollars in debt. Being in debt after the war was one of the reasons Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990.
  • Assasination of Anwar Sadet

    Assasination of Anwar Sadet
    Sadat was celebrating Egypt's passing throught the Suez Canal with a parade. Then air force jets flew overhead to catch the crowds attention while a truck pulled up and threw 3 grenades at Sadat. One of those blew up on him while he was also being shot at by a rifle. The people tried to protect him by covering him with chairs. He was rushed to the hospital and doctors spent hours trying to keep him alive but they couldnt and a few hours later they pronounced him dead. 11 others were killed.
  • First Intifada

    It all started with false assumptions due to 5 murders in Gaze, rumours went around that it was Israelis that killed these Palestinians. More rumours kept going on adding fuel to the fire causing a bunch of riots to occur.Israeli troops would be attacked with stones, axs, grenades, firearms. Also they refused to pay taxes, graffitti, terrorism, and strikes occured. Israel wasnt prepared for this at first but ended up killing over 2,100 palestinians. Afterwards, were the Oslo Accords.
  • The Gulf War

    Iraq invaded Kuwait. The US sent forces to Saudi Arabia , along with many other nations. The major naations helping out however were the US, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. Trying to get Iraq to leave Kuwait they attacked them with air attacks. This allowed Kuwait to gain more power and get on Iraq territory. Iraq responded with missiles.Acoalition victory was the result with the USA and the UN the winners. After Hussein returned to bagdad and remained in power.
  • Gaza-Jerihco Agreement

    The treaty was like a part two of the Osolo Accords. The treaty had not had a chance to become accomplished and final because of Yitzhak Rabin was assinated. This treaty would allow Palentinians to rule West Bank and the Gaza Strip for five years. This treaty led to the Palestinian Authority.
  • September 11th

    September 11th
    19 highjackers most from Saudi Arabia took four planes crashing two into the Twin towers, one into the Pentagon, and the last one into a field. Al-qaeda supported this terrorist attack. All victims on the planes were killed. The highjackers used weapons such as knifes to kill the flight attendendents , passangers, and pilot so they could gain control of the plane. This attacked caused a total of 2,955 deaths. Led to invasion of Afghanistan and invasion or Iraq.
  • Israel-Lebanese Conflict

    PLO and Israel were having boreder attacks.Arguments over demographics,caused the Lebanese Civil War. Israel had attacked Palestinia twice, in 1978 and 1982 to try to rid the PLO. Isreal and Hezbollah had border attacks, continously over six years. Hezbollah wanted their citizens held in Israeli prisons so they captured soldiers to try a prisoner exchange. When they captured two Israeli soldiers this started the Lebanon War. In 2008 Israel said they were going to talk peace with Lebanon.