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Israel Palestine Conflict

By angusb
  • Modern Zionism was founded by Theodor Herzl

    Modern Zionism was founded by Theodor Herzl
    Zionism is the belief that they should be a Jewish state or homeland where Jews could avoid prosecution and discrimination.
  • British mandate for Palestine founded

    British mandate for Palestine founded
    After Britain won WW1 they gained control of Palestine, they originally let Jews migrate to Palestine which increased they Jewish population in Palestine.
  • Period: to


    The holocaust was a massacre of over 6 million Jews, it occurred during WW2 and carried out by Nazi Germany. The holocaust not only caused more Jews to move to Palestine, but it also helped Zionism get more support from Jews and the rest of the world.
  • UN divides Palestine into two nations

    UN divides Palestine into two nations
    The UN gains control of Israel Palestine situation and decides to divide Palestine into Israel and Palestine. The borders were chosen because of where the Jewish and Palestinian population was mostly living to reduce relocation. Jerusalem was neither part of Israel or Palestine but became an international territory.
  • Arab-Israeli war

    Arab-Israeli war
    Jewish people where happy with the UN’s proposal but surrounding Arab countries were not and declared war on Israel and tried to reclaim Palestine. Israel received support from the US and fought against five Arab nations.
  • Israel wins the Arab-Israeli

    Israel wins the Arab-Israeli
    After the war, Israel had pushed their borders from the original borders put in place by the UN. In the process of increasing their borders, they caused many Palestinians to be kicked off their land and to move to surrounding Arab states.
  • Palestinian liberation organization founded

    Palestinian liberation organization founded
    The PLO’s goal to reclaim Palestine, they believed that Palestine should belong to Palestinians and that Israel should be removed from Palestine. To accomplish their goal, they used violence and terrorist attacks aimed at Israeli civilians.
  • 6 Day War

    6 Day War
    Israel and surrounding Arab states fought the 6 day war and Israel took control of the west bank, Gaza, Sinai peninsula and Golan heights. Palestinians living in the west bank and Gaza were not kicked out but the areas came under Israeli military occupation.
  • Israeli Settlements started to appear

    Israeli Settlements started to appear
    Israeli settlers started moving into Palestinian areas (West bank and Gaza) and making settlements. An Israeli settlement is a well-guarded community/village that were funded by Israel and are deemed Illegal by international law. The settlements where spread all across the west bank and Gaza and where established on the most fertile land. Israeli settlers got the land by kicking people out of their homes and demolishing them which displaced many families and drove them into poverty.
  • Camp David Accord

    Camp David Accord
    Israel and Egypt negotiated peace in camp David in the US and then singed a peace treaty, the treaty involved Israel giving the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt. Egypt was the first of the surrounding Arab nations to make peace with Israel and many people didn’t like it. The Egyptian president who signed the treaty was later assassinated.
  • Period: to

    First Intifada

    The Intifada was started by Palestinians to resists and stand up against the military occupation. It started with protests and boycotts but then used violent tactics like throwing rocks at soldiers, Israeli forces responded with gun fire causing a massive imbalance in deaths between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Oslo accords

    Oslo accords
    The signing of the Oslo accord meant that Israel agreed to remove military occupation in 6 Palestinian cities and approximately 450 towns. It didn’t really do much because there was still military occupation in places in Palestine and the settlements still existed. Many Israeli’s were not supportive of the Oslo accords and the Israeli president who signed it was assassinated.
  • Period: to

    Second Intifada

    The second Intifada was very similar to the first one, it was started because of an Israeli leader who was guarded by military entering a mosque which is the 3rd holiest site in Jerusalem according to Muslims, it was considered to be very disrespectful and angered a large portion of Palestinians. The second Intifada concluded with a higher death toll than the first.
  • The separation wall is built

    The separation wall is built
    The separation wall was built to control Palestinians even more, they also built checkpoints to make it hard for Palestinians to move around infringing one of their human rights. The wall was also not entirely built on the boarded of the west bank which meant that Israel took even more land.
  • Israel withdraws from Gaza

    Israel withdraws from Gaza
    Israel removes all of its settlements and military occupation from Gaza but still has major control over it and its people. Israel put up a blockade around Gaza and controls its air space, the majority of its land crossings, its population registry and Gaza still relies on Israel for water and electricity.