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illistrated Timeline-Middle East Conflicts

By Lynson
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    Middle East Conflicts

  • Turskish War of Independance

    Turskish War of Independance
    The Turkish War of Independence, started on May 19, 1919 – July 24. This was a war by the Turkish against the Allies, after the country was following the Ottoman Empire's defeat in World War I.
  • Syrian War

    Syrian War
    Thw Syrian War took place during 1920, between the rulers of the newly established Arab Kingdom and France. Which in the
    Battle of Maysalun, French forces defeated the forces of the monarch King Faisal, and his supporters, on July 24, 1920.
  • Adwan Rebellion

    Adwan Rebellion
    The Adwan Rebellion was the largest uprising against the British and the Transjordanian government, leaded by Mezhar Ruslan. The rebellion was in the early months of 1923, but was quickly crushed with the British RAF.
  • Sheikh Said Rebellion

    Sheikh Said Rebellion
    Sheikh Rebellion was to revive the Islamic System and use elements of the Kurdish to recruit. It was led by Sheikh and a group of former Ottoman soldiers. The rebellion was two Kurdish groups, the Zaza people and the speakers of the related Kurmanji.
  • Great Syrian Revolt

    Great Syrian Revolt
    The Great Syrian Revolt was a uprising across Syria and Lebanon aimed at getting rid of the French, they had been in control of the region since World War I. It was attempted among the Sunni, Druze, and Christians, with the common goal of ending the French rule.
  • Palestine Riots

    Palestine Riots
    The Palestine riots Uprising, the 1929 Massacres. Refers to a series of riots in late August 1929 when a fight between Muslims and Jews over access to the Western Wall in Jerusalem turned into violence. The riots in the most part of attacks by Arabs on Jews was followed by the destruction of Jews.
  • Iraqi–Kurdish Conflict

    Iraqi–Kurdish Conflict
    The Iraqi–Kurdish conflict is a attempt by Mahmud Barzanji to establish an kingdom of Kurdistan, The conflict started only as the post-1961 by the Barzanis.
  • Simele Massacre

    Simele Massacre
    The Simele Massacre was a massacre by the forces of the Kingdom of Iraq during the Assyrians of northern Iraq in August 1933. But also the killing that took place among 63 Assyrian villages in the Dohuk and Mosul districts that led to the deaths of between 600 and 3,000 Assyrians.
  • Saudi–Yemeni War

    Saudi–Yemeni War
    The Saudi–Yemeni War was a war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen in 1934. The founder of Saudi Arabia, had named himself King of the Nejd, the collapse of Ottoman Empire power during the Great War. In 1925 he took control of Hejaz from the Hashemites.
  • Goharshad Mosque rebellion

    Goharshad Mosque rebellion
    The Goharshad Mosque rebellion the massacre took place in 1935, when against the policies of Reza Shah in the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad. Responding to a cleric, who didn't announce the Shah's innovations, many bazaaris and villagers took refuge in the shrine, chanted slogans such as "The Shah is a new Yezid", likening him to the Umayyad caliph responsible for the massacre of Shia
  • 1935–36 Iraqi Shia revolts

    1935–36 Iraqi Shia revolts
    Iraqi Shia revolts a series of Shia tribal uprisings in the mid-Euphrates region against the Sunnim authority of the Kingdom of Iraq. In each revolt, the raqi government was to use military force to crush the rebellions with little mercy. The task of this discipline of the Shi'a tribes fell to General Bakr Sidqi. The same man responsible for the brutal massacre of Assyrians in 1933.
  • Arab revolt in Palestine

    Arab revolt in Palestine
    The 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine was an uprising by Palestinian Arabs in Mandatory Palestine against British rule, to mass Jewish immigration
  • Dersim Rebellion

    Dersim Rebellion
    The Dersim rebellion was an Kurdish uprising against the Turkish government in the Dersim region of eastern Turkey, which includes parts of Tunceli Province. The rebellion was led by Seyid Riza, an Alevi chieftain of the Yukarı Abbas tribe
  • Middle East Theatre of World War II

    Middle East Theatre of World War II
    The Middle East Theatre of World War II is a reference to the British Middle East Command, which controlled Allied forces in both Southwest Asia and eastern North Africa. From 1943, most of the action and forces were in the adjoining Mediterranean Theatre.
  • Jewish Insurgency in Palestine

    Jewish Insurgency in Palestine
    The Jewish insurgency in Palestine is a violent campaign against the British and officials between 1944 and 1947 innvolving Jewish groups. The Jewish militant organizations and the British authorities rose since 1938. Though World War II brought a calm feel, the tensions escalated into an armed struggle towards the end of the war,