Middle East 1900+

  • Britain Gives Suppost

    Britain Gives Suppost
    Britain gave support to the zionist movement by the Balfour Declaration
  • Britain fulfills the Balfour Declaration

    To fulfill the Balfour Declaration Britain received the League of Nations mandate over palestine.
  • Jews imigrate

    Over 500,000 jews had imigrated to palestine.
  • Britain limits

    Just before the outbreak of WWII, Britain severely limited Jewish immigration to Palestine.
  • Period: to


    The last Shah ruled in Iran
  • arab unification

    arab league seeks to unify arab policy in world issues
  • Britain turns it over to UN

    Britain turned the Palestine problem over to the UN they voted to relieve Britain of their mandate, place jerusalem under international control, and partition Palestine into separate Arab and Jewish states.
  • Israel's Independence

    Israel proclaimed its independence, the Middle East's only modern democratic state.
  • Israeli War for Independence

    Arabs defied the UN's request for a Jewish state and attack Israel.
  • temporary armistace

    arab states agree for temporary armistace made by ralph bunche
  • arab raids

    arabs blocked isreali waterways and guerrilla raids occured on the border communities
  • isreal invades egypt

    isrealis invade egypt to destroy guerrilla bases and stop the aqaba blockade, they over run the sinai pennisula un sent their emergency force and isreal was free for ten years
  • opec foundation

    opec founded organization petroleum exporting countries, purpose to increase oil revenue to its members
  • plo formed

    plo was formed, palistine liberation organization
  • Not Syria

    Israel, Egypt, Jordan and not Syria sent delegates to Geneva for a peace confrence
  • arabs like plo

    arabs declare plo to be the sole legitimate representative of the palestine people
  • plo accepted

    plo accepted by the un as the voice of the palestine people
  • lebanon civil war

    the lebanon civil war begins
  • Peace with Iraq

    Under the shah Iran built up their army and made peace with Iraq
  • Syria sends troops

    Syria sent 15,000 troops into Lebanon
  • Egypt visits Syria

    Egyptian President Sadat got an invitation to visit Syria
  • PLO

    A PLO squad landed on the Israeli coast and killed 30 civilians
  • Sinai Peninsula

    David, Sadat, and Begin met to discuss the Sinai Peninsula
  • Shah faces opposition

    The last Shah faced uncontrollable opposition by workers complaining about bad wages.
  • Iran and the US- and act of kindness

    President Carter allows the Shah to enter the US for sugery and treatment for cancer.
  • Peace treaty

    The Israeli Egyptian peace treaty happened
  • talks grew

    Talks grew between Egypt, Israel, and the US the US urged that new Jewish settlements on the west bank harmfull to peace process
  • Period: to

    Iran hostage crisis

  • Diplomatic Relations

    The United states broke diplomatic relations with Iran.
  • Israels Parliment

    Israels Parliment proposed to release the 52 American hostages.
  • Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein cancelled the treaty of 1975 and attacked Iran
  • The Syrain Soviet Treaty

  • Hostage recovery

    President Carter sent out a mission to get the hostages from Israel.
  • President Reagan and the hostages

    President Reagan was being inaugerated and the hostages from Israel were being relased on a plane back to America.
  • War

    War rekindled and caused massive destruction
  • Lebanon civil war

    Lebanese civil war resumed, Israeli armed forces bombed the Lebanese capital
  • a bunch of stuff

    Israel warplanes bombed and destroyed an Iraqi Nuclear plant.
    Anwaral-Sadat was assassinated by 4 egyptians.
    US agreed to sell 8.5 billion dollars of military equipment to Saudi Arabia.
    Israel formally annexed the strategic heights.
  • israel invades lebanon

    isreal invaded lebanon and forced most plo guerillas out
  • Ayatollah Ichomeini Died

  • Counteroffensive

    Iranians mounted a counter offensive and drove the Iraqi soldiers back
  • syria assists israel

    syria assists israel in driving out the rest of the plo guerrillas
  • suicide bombers

    suicide bombers drove trucks into the US and French military compounds
  • withdrawing forces

    President Reagan withdrew forces
  • US helps Iran

    US sells weapons to Iran
  • Israel withdrew

  • Bolund ammendment

    Bolund ammendment barred Us aid to the contras
  • Period: to

    Poindexter and North

    John M Poindexter head of NSC and Oliver North Assisted
  • President Reagan sends warships

    President Reagan sent warships to Persian Gulf to escort Kuwait tankers
  • Iraqi Jets

    37 US sailors died when an Iraqi jet fired a missile at the US frigate Stark
  • In' tifadah

    Palestinians living inlands under Israeli control began an uprising called In'tifadah
  • Cease Fire

    Cease fire between Iran and Iraq after the 8 year war
  • Yasir Arafat

    Yasir Arafat proposed a peace plan and called upon Israel and Palestine to live peacefully
  • Amin Gemayel

    The term of President Amin Gemayel expired without a successor
  • new constitution

    muslim and christian members of Lebanon's parliment met in taif (saudi arabia) and they approved a new constitution
  • Convicted

    Poindexter and Oliver North convicted of obstructing justice.
  • Against the New Constitution

    Syrian troops assaulted the presidential palace who were against the new constitution
  • Invasion of Kuwait

    Lightning invasion of Kuwait by Iraq
  • US against Iraq

    US congress voted to support military action against Iraq
  • Operation Desert Storm began

    Operation Desert Storm began in Kuwait
  • US and Coalition

    US and Coalition victory over Iraq
  • charges dropped

    All charges were dropped against North.
  • Persian Gulf war

  • Peace Talks

    A series of peace talks began in Madrid, Spain
  • Likud Party to Labor Party

    Israeli voters voted to turn out the Likud party to the Labor party
  • Plo and Israel peace

    The PLO and Israel excepted peace and sign a document to prove it.
  • Jordan becomes arab nation

  • Israel withdraws

    Plo and Israel signed a document to have Israeli troops withdraw from arab territories.