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Israeli-Palestanian Conflict

  • Balfour Declaration

    Balfour Declaration
    The Balfour Declaration, issued in 1917 by the British, gave the Jews a right to their own "home land" in Palestine. This is the event that caused the spark that lit this wildfire that is the Israeli-Palestinanian conflict (Shah).
  • Tension Grows Too High

    Tension Grows Too High
    When all of the tension in the Middle East finally boiled over in August 1929, the Palestinians killed 133 Jews and 110 of their own were killed by the British police force (Frisch).
  • Israel becomes a state

    Israel becomes a state
    “On May 14, 1948, the Jews declared the state of Israel. The next day troops from neighboring Arab countries invaded, only to be defeated by the Israelis and lose land to them. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled their homes, creating a massive refugee problem that continued to grow as more wars were fought and more Arab territory was lost to the Israelis” (Preface).
  • Period: to

    Conflicts over time

    Since 1948, there have been four more major Arab-Israeli wars, as well as continuous unrest and violence” (Preface).
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    Arab-Israeli war (Six Day War)

    The Arab-Israeli war of 1967 resulted in a series of raids followed by retaliation between Israeli forces and Palestinian guerrillas (“Palestine”) The Six-Day War occurred in 1967, in which Israel captured the West Bank from Jordan, Gaza Strip away from Egypt, and East Jerusalem. Israel seized these areas and reunited them with prior sections of Jerusalem. This invasion and occupation caused conflict regarding land ownership (“Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”).
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    The First Intifada in Occupied Territories

    "During the first Intifada in the Occupied Territories, 1,376 Palestinians were killed by Iraqi security and 115 by Israeli citizens, while 94 Israeli citizens and 91 Israeli security officers were killed by Palestinians (“Statistics”)."
  • Oslo Proposal

    Oslo Proposal
    The Oslo Proposal of 1993 was a proposal of peace which almost qualified. This proposal implied a gradual takeover of Palestinian land by Israel in return for peace between the two states. Whilst settling the proposal, Israeli Leader Yitzir was killed, upsetting peace and making the proposal unsuccessful (“Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”).
  • Ehud Barak

    Ehud Barak
    In May 1999, Ehud Barak is voted prime minister, who is leader of the One Israel party (Timeline).
  • Period: to

    Second Intifada (Al-Aqsa)

    The Second Intifada, known as Al-Aqsa Intifada, broke out in 2000 in response to the failure of the peace process. Casualties of the second intifada from 2000-2004 are: Palestinian-3196 and Israeli-946 (“Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”).
  • Ariel Sharon becomes leader of the Likud party

    Ariel Sharon becomes leader of the Likud party
    On February 6, 2001, Ariel Sharon gets voted as the leader of the Likud party. After this election he refuses to have consultation with Yasser Arafat, the president of the Palestinian Authority (Timeline).
  • Ramallah

    “December 2001 Sharon sends troops into Ramallah, Arafat is unable to leave” (Timeline).
  • Arafat dies

    Arafat dies
    On November 2004, Arafat dies (Timeline).
  • Mahmoud Abbas

    Mahmoud Abbas
    “On January 9, 2005 Mahmoud Abbas is elected president of the Palestinian Authority” (Timeline).
  • Israel disengages

    Israel disengages
    ”August 2005 Israel disengages from Gaza and four West Bank settlements” (Timeline).
  • Kadima Party

    Kadima Party
    In November 2005, Sharon forms the Kadima party after leaving the Likud party (Timeline).
  • Hamas and Falahs

    Hamas and Falahs
    November 13, 2006 after the discussions between the Hamas, the Palestinian political party that controls the Gaza strip, and the Fatah, another Palestinian political party, merge to become one government (Timeline).
  • Period: to

    Gaza War

    April 2007-present: Israel and Palestine are fighting over the Gaza Strip, causing many deaths, both Israeli and Palestinian (Timeline).
  • New prime minister

    New prime minister
    “March 2009: Binyamin Netanyahu assumes office as Israeli prime minister following parliamentary elections” (Timeline).
  • Obama visits the Middle East

    Obama visits the Middle East
    "When president Obama went to visit the Arab countries, he visited Egypt, told Israel that they needed to stop making more settlement in the West Bank, treated the Israeli prime minister with disrespect and still didn’t receive support or approval from the Arabs (Cohen)."
  • Palestine Requests Membership

    Palestine Requests Membership
    In September of 2010, the president of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, requested membership of the UN. He criticized the Israeli government for their establishment of Jewish settlements in West Bank, driving off Palestinians. the Us refused to grant Palestine membership (Susser).