Israel Events Timeline

  • 135

    Jewish diaspora by Rome

    Israel was destroyed by Rome in 70. It was rebuilt to be a Roman city in 135.
  • 335

    The Church of the Holy Sepulcher

    Constantine ruled over the western region of the Roman Empire. The church was built when he became the first Roman emperor to make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.
  • Oct 8, 614

    The Persians capture Jerusalem

    This was when the Persians (Palestinians) took over Jerusalem.
  • Oct 9, 661

    Jerusalem Under Rule of Umayyad Dynasty

    Once Muhhamad died, a group of muslim leaders elected Muhhamad's father-in-law was to rule. Many other muslims believed 'Ali, Muhhamad's son-in-law and cousin, should rule. 'Ali was persuaded to rule, but a group of muslims in government wouldn't stand for that. They made Mu'awiyya ruler, and 'Ali ended up running away to Medina.
  • Oct 9, 750

    Jerusalem Under Rule of Abassid Dynasty

    This was when the Abassids took Jerusalem from the Umayyads. The Abassids are a group made from non-Arabic muslims and shi'ites.
  • Jul 9, 1099

    First Crusaders Capture Jerusalem

    When the crusaders, from Europe, captured Jerusalem, they killed almost everybody except Christians. Jews hid in their synagogues, but were later killed or sold in slavery. They took over the city by killing most people living there.
  • Oct 9, 1187

    Saladin Captures Jerusalem from the Crusaders

    Saladin was a muslim who took control of Jerusalem. He preached to the muslims about fighting against Christians.
  • Oct 10, 1229

    Crusaders Capture Jerusalem Again.. and Again

    The crusaders were able to recapture Jerusalem. It then again was taken away, but they got it back.
  • Oct 10, 1250

    Muslim caliph takes down walls of Jerusalem; population rapidly decreases

    When Muhammad died, muslims didn't know what to do. Many muslims left Jerusalem because of his death. Muhammad's father-in-law was put in his place, but there was also a new type of government formed, called a caliphate. It was made up of caliphs, or people in charge. They broke some of the walls of Jerusalem.
  • Oct 10, 1517

    Ottoman empire captures Jerusalem

    The Ottoman Empire lasted the longest out of all of them named so far. It lasted for 400 years. All of the land in the Ottoman Empire was ruled by Istanbul. For a while, they had a good government going. But by the end of the 1800s, they barely had any rule at all. Then, the Jews got stronger, population increased, more tourists started coming, and more walls had to be built onto Jerusalem.
  • Oct 10, 1538

    Suleiman rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem

    Both muslims and Europeans considered Suleiman the greatest ruler of his time. He was the person who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Those walls had to be built onto in 1860 when Jerusalem became so overpopulated.
  • British take Jerusalem in World War I

    The British were getting ready to attack Jerusalem when the Turkish army fired at them. The British chief, Edmund Allenby, sent another group of troops to take Jerusalem while he fighted against the Turkish army, led by Turkish general, Erich von Falkenhayn. The British succeded in capturing Jerusalem.
  • Resolution adopted to form State of Israel

    The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution to form the State of Israel. They asked the people living in Israel to help in the ways they can.
  • State of Israel Formed

    Israel took its independence after fighting in World War II against the Nazi.
  • Israel divided

    The Israelis and Arabs fought for control of Israel. The Israelis had good control of western Jerusalem, but not as good with protecting eastern Jerusalem.
  • Lines are drawn

    The city of Jerusalem was practically cut in two; divided where the Arabs' and Israelis' lands meet.
  • Armistice agreement signed

    After 10 months of fighting over Jerusalem, the Arabs and Israelis signed a armistice agreement.
  • PLO is formed

    The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was formed to gain their independence.
  • Jerusalem is reunited

    The Israelis captured the rest of Jerusalem and reunited the city.
  • 1st Intifada

    A giant uprising of the Palestinians against the Israelis took place. They wouldn't pay taxes, boycotted Jewish stores and products, established the underground freedom schools because their schools were shut down by military after their uprising, and so much more.
  • 2nd Intifada

    This was the second uprising by the Palestinians and they were harming Jewish people praying at the synagogues and their other holy places.
  • Current Fighting - Israelis and Palestinians

    The Palestinians and Israelis are fighting over the land of Israel. The Palestine people have a small part of Israel that belongs to them. There are Israeli settlers on their land. Both sides want all of Israel to themselves.
  • Byzantine Christians Recapture Jerusalem from the Persians

    The Byzantine Empire was founded when Constantine adopted Christianity. They took Jerusalem away from the Palestinians after they had ruled for 15 years.
  • Caliph Omar Enters Jerusalem

    Caliph Omar was a head muslim who came to Jerusalem. He went there and took part in a treaty including the Christians and Jews to keep some peace.
  • Dome of the Rock Bult on Ruins of Jewish Temples

    The Dome of the Rock is also called the Temple Mount. Parts of the walls are from the original Jewish temples. This place is considered holy to Jews because it is where Abraham offered his son, Isaac, as a sacrifice and because it is in the place fo the old temples.