History of Arabs on TV

  • Arab American Stereotypes- "Who Knew?"

    Introduction Video
    The word Arab is used to describe an individual from the Middle East. Despite the fact that these individuals are from different countries, with diverse cultures, beliefs and a variety of religions, they are characterized by one term, "Arabs."
  • Arabs 1950

    In the 1950s, under the shadow of Communist expansion, films gave the American public an instantly recognizable villain in the shape of the "Red" for Arabs
  • Movie Saadia

    displays the Arab women as Black magic vamps, and as enchantresses in cahoots with and ‘possessed of devils
  • Arab war

    the stereotype of “Arab as terrorist” began to appear in the 1960s, with the Arab-Israeli war.
  • Arab women 1964

    "Please Come Home" Arab women appear as leering out from diaphanous veils, or as unsatisfied, and displayed in slave markets.
  • How Hollywood Vilifies People

    How Hollywood Vilifies a People (1974)
    Television programs and mass media do not examine the fact that the Islamic religion preaches equality and peace. The disortion of Islam and ensuring lead television viewers to believe that it is a mysterious religion prone to acts of terrorism, and violence.
  • Black Sunday

    Black Sunday
    Based on a succesful 1975 novel by Thomas Harris, concerns an Arab terrorist plot to bomb a staduim during the Super Bowl.
  • Saddam Hussein - President

    Saddam Hussein - President
    According to Chip Gagnon, a Professor at Ithaca College, in 1963 the CIA helped the Ba'ath party into office which put Hussein in line to be president in 1979. He ruled until his death in 2006 by the hands of his Hegemonist, US Military forces.
  • Arabs 1984

    The present day Arab stereotype parallels the image of Jews in pre-Nazi Germany, where Jews were painted as dark, shifty-eyed, venal and threateningly different people
  • Stereotypical Look

    TV Arabs consists of a belly dancer's outfit, headdress , veils, sunglasses, flowing gowns and robes, oil wells, limosines and/or camels
  • Wrong Is Right movie

    reveals hateful Arab students as terrorists
  • Arab Titles

    1990 film “Goodfellas” featured a character that was called a “sand
  • Aladdin and the Arabic View

    Aladdin and the Arabic View
    Aladdin is portrayed as a thief, which is a common stereotype among Arabs
  • Aladdin (The Walt Disney Company, 1993)

    Aladdin Rich vs. Poor
    Aladdin (The Walt Disney Company, 1993) , attempts to make the film more apealing to the Western world, Disney Americanized the names and apperances of the characters.
  • Stereotypes

    1995 bombing of federal office building in Oklahoma set off public
    fears that Arab terrorist were responsible even though it was
    perpetrated by a former U.S soldier.
  • The Siege

    The 1998 film 'The Siege' depicted Arab-Americans in an unfavorable light and as a terrorist group.
  • Bombing of the World trade Center, NY

    Bombing of the World trade Center, NY
    The morning of 9/11 has gone down in history because this is when two American Airliners were hijacked by middle east terrist and were systematically crashed into the twin towers in NewYork City. Changing the meaning of Muslim forever.
  • Soul Plane (2004) Comedy Film

    Soul Plane Comedy
    Currently, Arabs are seen as terrorists and murders due to how the media presents them. To identify Arabs with Terrorism is to classify them as enemies (John L Martin).
  • Around the world in 80 days

    Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays Prince Hapi, a Mideast sheikh with ‘one hundred or so wives.
  • Saddam Hussein is executed

    Saddam Hussein is executed
    Saddam Hussein is executed for the 148 murders of Iraqi Shi'ite in 1982. This execution is televised through satellite.
  • Arab Spring

    The beginning of a series of rebellions in the middle east
  • 9/11 Ten Years Later

    9/11 Ten Years Later
  • Arab Views

    2001 images of Arabs, muslims and middle easterners were seen as terrorist . This wont change for a while even though most arabs don't even know what sept 11 is.