Isreal time line

  • First Zionist Congress

    THeodor Herlz was convince that jews would not have peace unless they have their own land to settle on, So they strived for that goal . A jewish state
  • Mcmahon Hussein correspondance

    during WW1 Sharif hussein promised that britain would grant independence to most arab areas. After the war Arab argued about the borders that were promised
  • Balfour decleration

    The bristish Promised pakikstan and jews land if they support them in the WW2.Once land has been obtained land will be given to the jews so they can have a jewsih state.
  • Period: to

    British Mandate for Palestine

    Bristish was given the palestine Mandate on comprising mordern day Isreal.Causing jewsih homelands to be reduced more than 75%and arab Population nearly doubled
  • Period: to

    Holocaust and WW1

    Nazi conquered mostr of Europe. Nazi persecuted jews carrying out a genocide known as the Holocaust. Jews had no support for most declined to help until the full horror of the holocaust appeard
  • UN partition plan

    The UN made a partition to make palestine dividing the land between jews and arabs. Jews accepted while arabs declined and increased attacks on Jews
  • All out attack

    Isreal offically becomes a jewsish state , the day old country is invaded by Jordan, Egypy,Lebanon,Syria and iraq, isreal surprisanlly wins
  • the Suez campain

    Egypt nationalized the sues canal and closed it to isreal, Isreal goes to war with egypt and gains the canal back
  • Establishment of the PLO

    The Palestine liberation Organization was formed in a attempt to destroy isreal
  • 6 day war

    6 day war accured with egypt, Jordan, Syria, and iraq; Moved their armies against isreal borders. Isreal once more wins
  • Settlement begins

    Isreal begin to settle and build security and improving military to prevent attacks on major population centers
  • October war

    Egypt and Syria attcked isreal on the hollist day of the jewish year .isereal retained terrotories captured in 1967 but didint gain land.
  • Egypt-isreal peace treaty

    Isreal exchanged Egypt land back for Peace from Egypt with the efforts of the United States.
  • camp david accords

    an agreement is worked out by Egypt and Isreal with help from America
  • Period: to

    First Intifada

    Palestinians engage in a an uprising against isreal to control the Gaza strip and West bank
  • Oslo Accord

    Isreal signed an agreement to give up land i n return for peace and security which ended the uprising.
  • Isreal- Jordan peace treaty

    Once mpore the unikted states helped make a peace treaty. Isreal and jordan sign a peace treaty.
  • Camp david summit

    President bill clinton attempted to make a FINAL Staus agreement between palestine and isreal. It failed for araft thought the offer was to low and rejected it.
  • Period: to

    Second intifada

    A second Intifada began because israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon visited a site revered by jews causing terrosit attacks.
  • West bank Security Barrier

    Isreal respondes tio suicide bombings by construsting a security barrrier too protect from terrorist groups
  • Arab Peace is proposed

    A peace initiave that was endorsed by all memebers of the arab League. The proposal offered isreal peace in return for withdraw from all territores captured in 1967
  • Roadmap for peace is proposed

    A plan proposed by the "quartet" with steps for a secure isreal, plan was halted due to terrosit groups
  • Isreal disnages from Gaza

    Isreal decided to withdraw from The Gaza strip and West bank as a policy of "disangment" , the number of rockets fired from the Gaza to Isreal has increased dramaticlly
  • Hamas is elected

    Hamas calls for the destruction of Isreal and killing of jews, Hamas does not accept previos palestine agreements
  • Second Leanon war

    Hezbollah went to war with isreal causing manmy deaths , hostillities ended with UN cease fire resoultion 1701 passed on august 11,2006
  • Battle of Gaza

    Two palestine goverments are formed , Hamas controls the Gaza and palestine controls the the Westbank
  • Annapolis confernce

    US secretary orgainzed a confernce between isreal and trhe palestine authoritys faith leader for a solution to the conflict
  • Nuclear reactor Destroyed

    Isreal destroys nuclear reactor in region of syria bult with the assistance of north korea
  • Period: to

    Hezbollah governace in Lebanon

    Hezbollah Joined the unity goverment in 2008 gaining effective power over the lebanese goverment
  • Period: to

    Arab spring

    a wave of protest spread throughout the countires of Arab and unequel distribution of wealth