Cold War

  • The Arab Leage

    The Arab Leage
    A group of Arab member states formed in 1945 with British support.
  • Dividing Korea

    Dividing Korea
    North and South Korea divide.
  • WWII Ends

    WWII Ends
    September 2, 1945
    The Axis powers( Germany, Japan..) finally surrender.
  • Creation of the Iron Curtain

    Creation of the Iron Curtain
    Winston Churchill made a speech about the Iron Curtain in America.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    President Harry S. Truman pledged to contain Soviet threat towards Greece and Turkey.
  • Partition

    The UN approved a plan for partition of the British Mandate for Palistene.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    This was a plan from america, to help and aid Western Europe(Non- communist) so that they could stop the spread of communism.
  • Jews celebrate

    Jews celebrate
    Jews from the city of Tel Aviv celebrate the proclamation of the new state, Israel.
  • Britain ended it's Palestine Mandate

    Britain ended it's Palestine Mandate
    Britain ended it's Palestine Mandate and left and Israel became an independent state.
  • Arab Israeli Conflict

    Arab Israeli Conflict
    Palestinian Arabs and Jews both call Israel the land of ancestral home. Arabs didn't like that they got larger when they migrated to Palestine so the conflict began.
  • Israel won

    Israel won
    Israel won a decisive victory.
  • Formation of NATO

    Formation of NATO
    A formation of a full fledged military alliance that is against communism.
  • Korean War Starts

    Korean War Starts
    North Korea invaded South Korea with the soviets help.
  • US helps Korea

    US helps Korea
    Truman sends air and naval support for South Korea.
  • China and USSR join

    China and USSR join
    China and USSR join fight in the Korean war on the North Koreans side.
  • Mohammed Mossadeq

    Mohammed Mossadeq
    The outspoken nationalist leader Mohammed Mossadeq was appointed premier, taking power from the shah of Iran.
  • Nasser helped lead

    Nasser helped lead
    Nasser helped to lead a military coup that toppled the government.
  • Korean war Ends

    Korean war Ends
    They signed a peace treaty and the war ended.
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    North Vietnam( with USSR and China) and South Vietnam( with US and Philippines) are fighting.
  • Suez Canal

    Suez Canal
    Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.
  • Suez Canal

    Suez Canal
    President Nasser seized the Suez Canal from Britain and France. This created tension in the regions.
  • Space race ( Soviets win )

    Space race ( Soviets win )
    The Soviets and the U.S had a race of who could launch the first satellite and the soviets won. ( Sputnik 1)
  • UAR

    Syria joined with Egypt to form a new state, the UAR( United Arab Republic).
  • OPEC

    Major oil producers formed the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).And the first five members of OPEC were Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.
  • Space race ( U.S )

    Space race ( U.S )
    The U.S launched a rocket to the moon and landed the first man on the moon.( Neil Armstrong )
  • Syria pulled out of UAR

    Syria pulled out of UAR
    Syria pulled out of UAR and the union collapsed.
  • Egypt

    Nasser sends troops to Yemen to fight in the civil war.
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    USSR was bombing the US from Cuba and then US was bombing USSR From Cuba. Cuba didn't like it so the president and the Us president agreed to stop.
  • Six Day War

    Six Day War
    Israel defeated Arab forces and occupied territory,
    1982 the Israelis return the SinaiPeninsula of Egypt.
  • Nasser dies

    Nasser dies
    Nasser dies from a heart attack.
  • Egypt and Syria

    Egypt and Syria
    Egypt and Syria launched the fourth Arab-Israeli war.
  • Sadat stunned everyone

    Sadat stunned everyone
    Sadat stunned the world by visiting Jerusalem and speaking before the Israeli parliament.
  • Celebration in Iran

    Celebration in Iran
    The shah left Iran to the US for medical treatments and never returned. Millions of Iranians flooded the streets in joyous celebration.
  • Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq.
  • Iraqi uprising

    Iraqi uprising
    Iraqi leaders, fearing that the Iranian Revolution might spark a Shi’a uprising in their own country. And it went on for eight more years.
  • Sadat Gets Assinated

    Sadat Gets Assinated
    In 1981, Anwar Sadat gets assassinated when he was watching a parade when a men jumped out of a truck and opened fire on him.
  • Israel invades Leanon

    Israel invades Leanon
    Israel invades Lebanon during the middle of a civil war to strike at PLO bases.
  • Intifada

    Intifada, a Palestinian terrorist group known as Hamas was established.
  • Iraq invaded Kuwait

    Iraq invaded Kuwait
    Iraq invaded the small Persian Gulf nation of Kuwait and quickly captured its capital, Kuwait City.
  • Period: to

    Persian Gulf War

    It started from an attack in Iran and it's forces in Kuwait and then the ground war began.
  • Iraq is out of Kuwait

    Iraq is out of Kuwait
    A coalition of forces led by the United States drove the Iraqi army out of Kuwait.
  • Saddam Hussein Refuses

    Saddam Hussein Refuses
    Saddam Hussein was given a deadline to withdraw from Kuwait, but he refused.
  • Oslo Accords

    Oslo Accords
    Secret negotiations between Israel and the PLO in Oslo, Norway, produced the Oslo Accords.
  • Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Dies

    Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Dies
    1995, Yitzhak was attending a peace rally when a man pulled out a gun and shot him in the back.
  • The second Intifada

    The second Intifada
    Violence increased in 2000, and was known as the second Intifada.