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    Started a period of permanent tension between the two superpowers(USSR and U.S). Each superpower aimed to demonstrate and increase its own power, while at the same time limiting or reducing the influence of the other, but avoiding the military confrontation.

    The Greek Civil War between the supporters of Paul l, who was supported by U.S and a Soviet-backed communist guerrilla army.
  • Division of Palestine

    -The UN approved the division of Palestine into two territories: Palestine with a Muslim Arab population, and Israel with Jewish population.
  • .

    -End of the Greek Civil War with the victory of the monarchists. Greece became a Western-Bloc country.
    -Germany was divided in two areas, the Federal Republic of Germany controlled by U.S, Great Britain and France and the German Democratic Republic controlled by the USSR. - Also Berlín was divided into two areas.
  • First Arab-Israelí War

    Israel won the war thanks to the help of the U.S
  • UN

    The UN issued the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Dictatorship

    After Cuba had gained independence. There was a military coup and Fulgencio Bautista established a dictatorship.
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    North Vietnam was communist, and want to reunified the country, while US was helping the South Vietnam in order to avoid that the South Vietnam and the neighbour countries became communists. In 1973 a peace settlement was signed. In 1975 North Vietnam took control of South Vietnam
  • Suez Crisis

    Nasser,the president of Egypt, declared that the Suez Canal belonged to Egypt. France and Great Britain sent troops to occupy the area. When they heard that the USSR support Egypt, and because they didn't had the support of the US, they withdraw from the war.
  • Europe

    After the Treaty of Rome the EEC was founded
  • Revolution

    After a revolution of Fidel Castro an authorian communist regime in Cuba was established.
  • Berlin Wall

    East Germany built the Berlin Wall to stop the population of East Berlin escaping to West Berlin
  • Negotiations

    Castro give permission to the Soviets to place nuclear weapons in Cuba pointed towars U.S. After succesfull negotiations betwwen USSR and US an armed conflict was avoided.
  • PLO

    The Palestinan Liberation Organization was was established, and in 1987 the first Intifada began.
  • Six-Day War

    Israel fight against Palestine, Israel won the war
  • Space Shuttle

  • Crisis

    The Western capitalists countries and Japan suffered a serious economic crisis which led to the inflation
  • Oil Crisis

    After the Yom Kippur War, between Muslims and Jewish, in which Israel won the war, the OPEC(Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) implemented and embargo of exports to that countries that supported Israel.
  • China

    China introduced a Capitalist system
  • Revolution

    The first Information Revolution took place
  • European Act

    This agreement to achieveve greater economic integration between
  • Eastern Bloc collapsed

    The communists regimes were overthroen by popular mobilisation and were replaced by democratics, and capitalist countries
  • China

    A student prtests in Beijing was brutally repressed by the army
  • .

    Was the end of the bipolar system, end to the Cold War, and the USSR was disolved.
  • COMECON and Wrsaw Pact

    They were dissolved
  • The treaty of Maastritcht

    Transformed the EEC into the European Union
  • Period: to

    Fist Chechen War

    Chechnya declared its independence. Russia sent troops to occupy and take control of the oil and gas of the country
  • Period: to

    Second Chechen War

    When Russia occupied Chechnya, a resistance born in order to fight the occupation
  • Invasion of Afghanistan

    Afghanistan was considered to be Al.Qaeda's base so UN and NATO members occupied the country
  • Terrorism

    Al Qaeda attacked the Pentagon and the twin towers
  • Iraq War

    Iraq was considered to be a country that collaborated with terrorism and NATO and UN supported this war.
  • Revolution

    The second Information Revolution took place, social networks appears
  • Hamas

    The terrorist group Hamas took Palestinan authority
  • Arab Spring

    Pro-democracy uprisings took place in North Africa and Middle East
  • Population

    28 cities were considered megacities
  • Population

    The population surpass the 7500million people
  • World Social Forum

    The WSF meet with the objective of creating a more sustainable world
  • Crisis of Coronavirus