~History of Jordan~

By Rozzy80
  • Period: to

    Arab-Israeli War

    Due to the Arab-Israeli conflict, there was a mass exodus of Palestinians to Jordan and other countries.
  • Jordan Annexes West Bank

    Jordan Annexes West Bank
    Judea and Samaria were occupied in 1948 by Jordan. The area was renamed the West Bank in 1950 and was annexed to Jordan in the same year. It was aonly recognized by the United Kindgom and Pakistan. Remained under Jordan rule until 1967.
  • Assassination of King Abdullah

    Assassinated by a Palestinian gunman who was angry at his apparent participation with Israel in the division of Palestine.
  • Period: to

    Rule of King Hussein of Jordan

  • King Hussein Requests Help from Britain

    King Hussein asks for aid from Britain with troops for support of the occuring conflicts in Jordan. Hussein felt threatened by the recent union of Syria and Egypt, and the violent revolution in Iraq which led to the gruesome murder of a family member.
  • Six-Day War

    Six-Day War
    Actual dates from June 5 to June 10.Between Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Syria (Israel vs. Jordan, Egypt and Syria). Israel won. Took the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan.
  • Period: to

    Black September

    Black SeptemberKing Hussein worked to put down the militancy of Palestinian organizations and restore his power over the country. It resulted in the deaths of thousands of Palestinians and included the expulsion of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization).
  • Militray Coup Thwarted

  • Recognization of the PLO

    Recognization of the PLO
    King Hussein renounces claims to the West Bank and allows the PLO to organize there after recognizing the PLO as the sole legitimate representation of the Palestinian people.
  • Hussein Backs Palestinian Uprising

    Palestinian uprising, or intifada, against Israeli rule.
  • General Election

    General Election
    The first general election since 1967. It consisted of only independent candidates due to, in 1963, ban on political parties.
  • Economic and Diplomatic Strain

    It's due to the gulf crisis following Iraq's invason of Kuwait.
  • Peace Treaty

    Peace Treaty
    Peace treaty with Israel ending 46 years of tumult with Israel over "issues."
  • Election Boycott

    Several parties, associations and leading figures boycotted the parliamentary elections.
  • Electricity Line Linking

    Electricity Line Linking
    Jordan's King Abdullah, Syria's president Bashar al-Assad and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, fund an electricity line linking the grids of the 3 countries.
  • Riots Erupt

    Riots Erupt
    Riots erupt in the southern town of Maan over the death of a youth in custody and was the worst public disturbance in more than 3 years.
  • Issues with Qatar arise

    Issue of Qatar over a program on the Al-Jazeera TV that Jordan considered the program to be insulting to the royal family. They shut down the Al-Jazeera's office in Oman and recalled their embassador from Qatar.
  • Water Agreement

    Water Agreement
    Jordan and Israel plan to pipe water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea (becuase of the depletion of water in the Dead Sea). Cost $800 million which is the two nations' biggest venture to date.
  • First Death of a Western Diplomat

    Laurence Foley is gunned down outside of his home in Amman. Scores of political activists were rounded up.
  • Bomb Attack

    Bomb Attack
    Attack on Jordan's embassy in Baghdad, Iraq which killed 11 people and injured more than 50.
  • U.S. issues

    8 Islamic militants are sentecned to death for killing a U.S. government official in 2002.
  • Missiles

    Three missiles are fired from the port of Aqaba. Two of them missed the US naval vessel and the 3rd one landed in Israel. A Jordinian soldier is killed.
  • Suicide Bombs

    Suicide Bombs
    60 people are killed in Al-Qaeda suicide bombings of international hotels.
  • First Local Elections

    The First Local Elections since 1999. Thhe Islamist Action Front which is the main opposition party withdraws after accused the government of vote rigging. (They will continue to boycott elections, such as in 2010)