The Middle Ages

  • 476

    Roman Republic and Empire

    Roman Republic and Empire
    Rome fallls and the Western Roman Empire collapse.
  • Period: 476 to Jan 1, 1300

    Middle ages timeline

  • 500


    in Europe, gradual recovery from political disruption and increase in agricultural productivity and population
  • Oct 10, 732

    Battle of Tours

    Battle of Tours
    battle fought in between Poitiers and Tours (france) The battle was between carolingian france and umayyad caliphelte
  • Nov 27, 1095

    The first Crusade

    The first Crusade
    Military expedition by christianity to regain the holy land from the Muslims
  • Jan 1, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    is an english charter , originally issued in the year 1215 and reissued later in the 13th century in modified versions
    King John signed the magna carta and that limited the power of Brittish Monarchs
  • Jan 1, 1348

    The Black Death

    The Black Death
    most devistating to human history, a disease suddenly spread after the arrival of a cargo ship
  • Tang Dynasty in China

    Tang Dynasty in China
    territorial expansion, government bureaucracy, agricultural improvements, and transportation and communication networks
  • Empress Theodora dies

    Empress Theodora dies
    she dies of cancer and people belive she is one of the reasons why bad things are happening because of her sexual act.
  • Saint Benedict

    Saint Benedict
    He is a Christian saint, honored by the Roman Chatholic Church as the patron saint of europe and students
  • Justinin's code

    Justinin's code
    was the result of Emperor Justinian's desire that existiny Roman law be collected into a simple and clear system of laws or code