The middle ages

  • 453

    Atilla the Hun

    Atilla the Hun was alosed called"The Scourge of God" - All round pillager and conqueror, ranging both East to Persia, and West to i) Gaul in 451, where his army of as many as a few hundred thousand
  • Period: 476 to Oct 4, 1300

    The dark ages

  • 570

    Muhammad founder of islam

    Fled to Medina from persecution in Mecca in 622, the flight "Hegira" marking the "year 0" of Islam
  • Oct 14, 763

    Harun al-Rashid

    The legendary Caliph and Sultan who ruled for 23 years from the new Abbasid capital of Baghdad at the height of the Abbasid Empire.
  • Nov 27, 1095

    The Crusades

    The first Crusade was November 27 1095 by Pope Urban the first and was held in a feild in Clermont, France.
  • Oct 5, 1160

    Genghis Kan

    An all-round conqueror whose conquests, stretching from the Yellow Sea to the Black Sea.He became the biggest empire that the world has ever known
  • Oct 13, 1173

    The leaning Tower of Pisa

    The leanong Tower of Pisa Stared to tilt before the first storey was finished. Left to settle for 100 years at the third storey level then completed
  • Oct 21, 1182

    San Francesco

    Founder of the Franciscan Order and Patron Saint of Italy (Saints' Day October 4th). Unlike Benedict, Bernard and others Francis was no intellectual.
  • Oct 21, 1216

    Dominic Guzman

    San Domenico founded the Dominican order and it became "official" in 1216.The new order was used in a last ditch and unsuccessful attempt to persuade the Cathars of SW France to repent their heresy.
  • fall of the Western Roman Empire

    Roman General and leader Orestes is defeated and killed by a guy name Odoacer.Odoacer stayed in power for about 17 years.