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The making of Mr. Wright the Educator

By raw403
  • Slavery

    As an African American this was imprtant part of History in America. www.history.com/salvery
  • President Lincoln Abloished Slavery

    Important day in history becuase steps were made to abolish slavery.http://www.danielnpaul.com/PresidentAbrahamLincoln-SlaveryAbolished.html
  • Ghandi

  • Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson
    On this day Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. What this stood for me is that any and everything is possible through hard work and determination, These are values that instill in my students everyday, These are values I pride myself on and help the younger generation understand. This has molded me into the teacher I am today. www.jackierobinson.com
  • Charles E. Allen

    This is the day my Dad was born and have influenced me for the 17 years I had him aprt of my life..
  • My Mother

    My Mother
    Without this woman there is no me. She gave me life. On this day she was born.. She means the world to me and has helped me in all my dreams and endevadors.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    I have a dream speech is still prevalent today. His speech spoke volumes to people for years to come. His vision to see everyone in unison was life changing. Through edcuation I am able to the lives of many people from various backgrounds. This is why I teach to make a difference in people lives. www.mlkonline.net
  • Malcolm X assaination

    Malcolm X assaination
    Important part of history. a man who was had a very powerful impact was asasianated for what he belive in and it did not deter him form speaking..http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/malcolm-x-assassinated
  • Napoleon Allen

    My big brother Napoleon!! Was the first person who graduated from college in my family. He showed me everything I need to know to be a man and productive person in society.
  • The Day I was Born

    The day I was brought into this world!!
  • Magic Johnson

    Magic Johnson
    Basketball was the driving force when I was growing up. Basketball shaped and molded me into the person I am today. The hardwork, dedication, and drive I put into the game of basketball, I transfered into my everdyay life. Magic Johnson was and still is my idol. He not only was a great basketball player but also is a humantiarium. He has changed lives for the better in so many ways. www.magicjohnson.com
  • Raphael Witherspoon

    Raphael Witherspoon
    The day my friend became my brother. Sometimes in life God place people in your life for a reason. In my case Rapahel has been a mentor, friend, and brother through my ife and my grwoth as a educator!!
  • William 'Papa" Hicks Jr.

    William 'Papa" Hicks Jr.
    On this day I met Mr. Hicks. He was my classmates father, that became a God father to me. Mr.Hicks has been a edcuator in the Cleveland area for over 40 years. He has had a profound impact on my life and have shown me a lot of things. He knew before I did that I was going to be an educator.
  • The Day my Father Passed Away

    This by far was the hardest day of my life. To lose my father halfway through my senior year of high school was ROUGH!!! Although this was a horrible day, I also gained a inner strength. And that was to that no matter what life offers you, you must continue to push forward. These are charcteristics that I instill in my students.
  • Heights Basketball

    Heights Basketball
    Was apart some of the greatest high school basketball team that Northeast Ohio has ever seen. These times I still reflect on when I coach and teach the youth today.
  • Graduation- Bachelor's Degree

    On this day I became the first person in my family to graduate from college!!
  • Mac Stephens- Mentor/Brother

    Mac Stephens- Mentor/Brother
    Mac Stephens has been a mentor, inspiration, and brother all in one. I have learned so much from him about not only Athletics and the youth but also about life. That still holds true to this day!!
  • Mrs. Belinda Stephens

    Mrs. Belinda Stephens
    This was my principal who gave me one of the greatest gifts a person can recieve...A OPPURTUNITY!!! To teach and realize my calling and pursue my dreams!! I will always be grateful for the gift she gave me.
  • The day my teaching career began!!!

    The day my teaching career began!!!
    First day I began my teaching career. I went through every emotion a human being could have that day. It also was by the end of this school year that i knew without a shadow of a doubt that teaching and working with the youth is what I wanted to do. I fell in love with Education!!!
  • First Basketball League

    First Basketball League
    My first league I directed and set up.. On this day I was able to build a league on the values that I teach everyday. hard work, determination, passion and dedication.
  • Athletic Director

    Athletic Director
    My fitst banquet as a Atheltic Director!!! This is the day I realized that becoming a AD is one of my short-term goals. This dream would not have been realized if it wasn't for me being able to be blessed with the oppurtunity to teach.
  • President Barack H. Obama

    President Barack H. Obama
    This was a historic day for not only African Americans, but America has a whole. To see how far we have come and to get to this point where we have an African American President is amazing. This historical events gives hope to African Americans that truly any and everything is possible. www.whitehouse.gov/blog/inaugural
  • My Wife

    My Wife
    On this day I made the best decision of my life when I married my wife. The man I am today is because of her, and I would not be where I am at in life without her. She has been my "rock" and has been supporting me in all of my educator endeavdors. She also is an educator and we both are dedicated to seeing our students suceed in all they do.
  • Dr. Manning

    The day I met Dr. Manning and I begn my program at JCU. Words can not describe the profound impact she has had on my educational experince at JCU. I have learned so much not only from a book standpoint, but also a real life experience standpoint. Material she has taught me has related to my field of education in so many ways. Her guidance and information she has given me is invaluable!! I wil never forget the affect she has had on me!!
  • Coaching Basketball

    Coaching Basketball
    Coaching basketball and mentoring the youth is my calling. Becoming a educator help me realize this calling.
  • First Lady Lets Move Program- Obesity

    First Lady Lets Move Program- Obesity
    Great program to help fight Obesity.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial

    Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial
    This a important historical event for me, because it shows the appreciation of all Amercians of the work Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did for the world. www. mlkmemorial.org
  • Graduation Day!! Master of Education from JCU

    On this day I recieve a M.Ed from one of the prestigous university in the area.. It is a important day in my development as a Educator.
  • Socrates

    One of the most famous philospher in American history. His work is still valid in Education today.