The Lifespan of Kesha Belfield

  • Birth

    Kesha Scherrie Bass
    Born August 9, 1980
    7lbs 6oz 21in
    Akron City Hospital
  • Period: to

    Birth to Death

  • Period: to

    Infancy Birth to 2 yrs

    SocIetal: Making Sounds
    Around 6-7 months I started cooing, clapping to music, and babbling,
    Biosocial: Walking
    Around 10 months I took my first step and by 11 months I had stride.
    Around age 1 I had seperation anxiety. I didn't like being around strangers. I wouldnt sit on the Easter Bunny or Santa's lap.
    Societal: Talking
    Between 1 and 2 years of age I began responding to people talking to me, saying my name and others around me.
  • Infancy-Trust vs Mistrust

    Infancy-Trust vs Mistrust
    CrIed wIth strangers, easter bunny, and santa claus.
  • Early Childhood - Autonomy vs Shame & Doubt

    Early Childhood - Autonomy vs Shame & Doubt
    I was easIly embarrassed, very emotIonal, and sensItIve.
  • Period: to


    My psychosocial playtime was playing by myself because I was an only child, I had an imaginary friend named Cherry. I watched Sesame Street and Romper Room and would always say, "I see Kesha." I didnt understand why she never said my name, I thought she could see me. I had self-recognition and wanted to be more independent. I'm 2 1/2 years old and able to speak clearly and in complete sentences, I can answer all basic questions. At 3 I can ride my big wheel alone. Biosocial
  • Period: to

    Early School Age

    Societal: I was taught all the basic preschooling at home. I did a lot of doodling of trees, my family,and houses. I grew up in a young family so every family member had a part in preparing me for school. Psychosocial; Entering Kindergarden I cried for the first hour wanting to go home. I had a pop belly, wet my pants at nap time, and had my dress lifted at playtime by a boy. All 3 domains Biosocial, Psychosocial, and Cognitive
  • Preschool - Initiative vs Guilt

    Preschool - Initiative vs Guilt
    I had my dress lIfted and wet my pants durIng nap tIme. I dId role play durIng playtIme as well
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood

    1st grade I learned to write my name, create sentences, and simple math. I met my best friend at 8 yrs old. At 11, I got on the track team and had a secret boyfriend. Psychosocial: Personality
  • Elementary School - Industry vs Inferiority

    Elementary School - Industry vs Inferiority
    I always wanted to know more, loved responsIbIlIty, very observatIve, and eager to know more about everythIng. I was a crossIng guard, honor roll student, and track hIgh jump champIon.
  • Elementary GraduatIon

    Elementary GraduatIon
    I had matured mentally and was ready to leave elementary and start mIddle school
  • Middle & High School Group - Identity vs Alienation

    Middle & High School Group - Identity vs Alienation
    FIrst fIght In gIrls locker room. I was In the ”popular crowd” and dated the new, bad, older boys.
  • Period: to

    Early and Middle Adolescence

    Biosocial: Puberty Societal: Thinking and Psychosocial
    End of grade 6 I started my period. My body changed, grew larger breast. I thought intuitively, which I still follow today. I began lying, sneaking, and wanting to be viewed as well as treated like an adult. I had a serious boyfriend, which is why I combined all domains in this stage. I got into my physical appearance. My curiousity about sex began, sexual attraction, feelings of love, and lost my virginity. Graduated high school.
  • First Job

    First Job
    I was a 15 yr old cashIer, I was paId under the table.
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    Scared to enter Into adulthood and feared losIng my frIends. Broken 4 year bond wIth classmates. AntIcIpated movIng out.
  • Period: to

    Later Adolescence

    During this time a lot of changes took place, I got engaged right after high school, gained and lost friends, cohabitated, went to college, dropped out, got maried, and separated. Constant job and college changing.
  • College - Intimacy vs Isolation

    College - Intimacy vs Isolation
    I was very IntImate socIally and physIcally.
  • Married

    StIll my best frIend.
  • Career - Generativity vs Stagnation

    Career - Generativity vs Stagnation
    MappIng out, revIsIng, securIng, and sealIng my future.
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood

    My son passed, which lead to depression, and ended in divorce. Remarried 9/18/10. Graduate from college. Move to Columbus in search of career placement as an EMT. After being comfortable in my role I decide to go back to cosmetology school and obtain my license.
  • Remarried

    Back In love.
  • Period: to

    Middle Adulthood

    Its 2016, I have my managers license in cosmetology and open a salon. By 2020 a second location in North Carolina where I soon build a home and settle. Shortly after, I have a child, stop working as an EMT to be a full time mother. In 2030 I become a silent partner in my spouses business. After my child graduates high school, things slow down and I open a non-profit safe house for families. I still have my salons, but I'm less active with them. I walk often and vacation regularly.
  • Period: to

    Later Adulthood

    Im a proud grandmother of two. I sold my salon in Columbus and invested in a few small businesses. I signed my safe house over to my only child. My mother passed at 82 in 2045 of natural causes. After I went through a deep depression and begun to make the proper arrangements for my death. 2046 I found out I have a heart condition, I immediately throw myself into a need to complete myself and traveling with my spouse. My spouse dies 1/1/55. I become loss and filled with emptiness and die 8/6/55.
  • Retirement Years - Integrity vs Despair

    Retirement Years - Integrity vs Despair
    TakIng the tIme to reflect and see all my hard work, love, and dedIcatIon pay off.
  • Death Immortality vs Extinction

    Death Immortality vs Extinction
    Couldnt bare lIvIng wIthout the love of my lIfe. Lonely and broken hearted.