The Life of Sylvia Plath

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  • Born in Boston, MA

    I was born in Boston, MA. My mother's name was Aurelia Plath and my father's name was Otto Plath.
  • New brother

    New brother
    A little before I turned 3, my mother gave birth to a baby boy, Warren Plath.
  • Began my journey of writing

    Began my journey of writing
    I began writing my stories and poems around the age if 8. I had done some simple pieces of work before for school, but I was inspired by several authors including Robert Lowell and Theodore Roethke. My work wasn't something a normal child would write about. I wrote mostly about death and suicide.
  • My father dies

    My father dies
    At first he thought it was lung cancer and refused to seek treatment for whatever reason. He finally saw a doctor because his foot had grown an infection. The doctor said the cause of his illness was a severe and extreme case of diabetes. He died shortly after.
  • Married to Ted Hughes

    Married to Ted Hughes
    I married another poet like myself, Ted Hughes. We had met at Smith University.
  • Bee Keeping

    Shortly after I married Ted, I became interested in bees. I wrote and published a poem on Bee Keeping, and Bee Keeping became a fascinating hobby for me.
  • Gave birth to a baby girl

    Gave birth to a baby girl
    I gave birth to a little baby girl, Frieda Rebecca Hughes.
  • The Affair

    I found out Ted was having an affair with a lady named Assia Wevill. We "separated", still being legally married.
  • Birth to a baby boy

    Birth to a baby boy
    I give birth to a baby boy, Nicholas Farrar Hughes.
  • I commited suicide

    I couldn't take life anymore. My father was dead, my husband left me for another woman WHILE he is still legally married to me. I wrapped my head in a big piece of cloth, put my head in the oven, and killed myself.
  • Ted Hughes took all of my possesions

    Since we were still legally married when I died, he took my estate, the children, my money, everything. He took all of my work and burned almost all of my unfinished pieces and journals/diaries. He stated he did not want the children reading them because of the depression I wrote of. He also kept a handfull of a collection of books and a few journals and announced they would not be realised and published till 2013,