The Life of Sister Irene McCormack

  • Birth of Irene

    Sister Irene McCormack was born 21 August 1938 Kununoppin, a Western Australian farm, near Trayning.
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    The Life of Irene

  • Irene joins the sisters of St. Joseph

    Irene joins the sisters of St. Joseph
    At the age of 17 Irene decided she wanted to be a nun, so she joined the sisters of St Joseph and spend a few years teaching in country areas of Western Australia. There was no specfied date.
  • Irene's vow's as a novice

    Irene recieves vows in 1957 as a novice into the order. There was no specified date.
  • Irene's first vows

    Irene's first vows
    Irene takes her first vows as a nun in 1959, there was no specified date.
  • Irene's final vows.

    Irene's final vows.
    Irene takes her final vows in 1965, there was no specified date.
  • Irene teaches

    Irene teaches for 30 years. there were no specified dates or years.
  • Irene graduates

    In 1969 Irene graduated from the University of Western Australia. There was no specified date.
  • Irene in Peru

    Irene in Peru
    Irene travelled to peru to help the poor. She faced many challenges like learning the language and becoming acclimatized to the climate. She also had to come to terms with the utter poverty and the degradation of the people. Irene set up a library with jigsaw puzzles, games, dolls, musical instruments and books for children. There were no specific dates or years.
  • Irene's restlesness of spirit

    After 30 years teaching Irene experienced what she called a restlessness of spirit, urging her to become a missionary. Irene listen to what she called her inner voice and became a missionary. There were no specific dates.
  • 10 years in Peru

    The sisters celebrate 10 years in Peru. there was no specific day listed.
  • Irene teaches women and helps children.

    On Tuesday 21st of May 1991 Irene taught sewing and craftwork to the women of the village and helped children. In the evening she went to work in the garden. Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door. The banging was a result of the Shining Path. She was escorted through the streets into the plaza for a public trial. For 2 hours five victims were bullied, interrogated and shouted at.
  • Irene's Death

    Irene's Death
    At 8pm the five victims were ordered to lie face down and they were shot in the head. Irene was the first to be publicly executed.
    It has been reported that her killer was a young girl.
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