Life of Irene McComack

  • Irene McCormack is born

    She was the oldest of 6 children
    Born on August the 21st 1938, Kununoppin
  • Period: to

    Life of Sister Irene McCormack

  • Joined the Sisters of St Joseph

    She was 17 years old
  • Preparing to join the Sisters of St Joseph

    Prepared in Postulancy in Melbourne
  • Became a Novice

    Received as a Novice into the Order
  • First vows

    First vows
    First Vows  ‐  Profession at North Sydney.
  • Taught at South perth years 5-8

    Taught at South perth years 5-8
  • Stopped teaching at South perth years 5-8

  • Taught at Kalgoorlie Years 6 and 7

  • Final vows

  • Stopped teaching at Kalgoorlie years 5 and 6

  • Taught at Boulder upper primary school

  • Graduated from The University of Western Australia

  • Graduated from the University of Western Australia

  • Taught at South Perth year 9

  • Taught at Busselton years 8,9 and 10

  • Taught at New Norcia secondary

  • Taught at Mandaring Upper primary

  • Taught at Manjimup Secondary

  • Became the 85th Principle of Kearnan College

  • Stepped down from the role of principle at Kearnan College

  • Arrive in Peru for missionary work

  • Left to serve in Huasahuasi

    Left to serve in Huasahuasi
    She was moved to Huasashuasi
  • Priests Flee

    The priests flee to safety
  • Return to Peru

    Returned to Huasahuasi, they had to missionaries there for a year
  • Irene McCormack is executed

    Irene McCormack is executed
    Sr Irene McCormack by Isabella She heard a knocking on the door, it was Shining Path. She was executed at 6 PM along with 4 other men. She was accused of "feeding the poor"