Life and Time Of Sr Irene McCormack

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    Life and Times of Sr Irene McCormack

  • Birth

    Irene McCormack

    Sr Irene McCormack was born on the 21st of the Augast, 1938 in Kununoppin in Western Australia
  • Attened School

    Attened School
    In 1945 Irene McCormack attend a Sisters of St Josephs school called Santa Maria college in W.A. She continued attending untill junior level secondary school.
  • Peparation to join the order.

    Peparation to join the order.
    on the 29th January 1956 Irene was peparing to join the Sister of St Josephs.
  • Recieved her Novice

    Recieved her Novice
    On the 6th of January 1957 Irene was recieved as a novice into the order of the Sisters of St Josephs.
  • First Religious Vows

    First Religious Vows
    Irene McCormack proffesed her first religious vows at North Sydney on the 6th of January 1959.
  • Becoming a Teacher

    Becoming a Teacher
    In 1960 Irene became a class room teacher and taught 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade at South Perth School. She continued at that school until 1961.
  • Teaching

    In 1963 Sr Irene Moved to Kalgoorlie to teach year 6 and 7 until the year 1965.
  • Final Vows

    Final Vows
    life of Irene At North Sydney in 1965, Irene took her final vows and became an offical num of the order of the Sister of St Josephs.
  • Graduation

    In 1969 Irene proudly graduated the university of W.A with a major in geography.
  • Starting missionary

    Starting missionary
    As part of being in the order of the Sisters of St Josephs, Sr Irene and her compassion Sr Dorothy stevensons were to supervise the distribution of emergancy goods by caritas Peru. After Sr Irene answered the call of aid, she dedicated her life on being a Puruvian Missionary in the small village of Huasahuas with about 5,000 Pueblos. This small village was under attack by terrorist group called the shining path.
  • Death

    Death of Irene On the evening of the 21st of May 1991, a band of shinning path guerillas entered the village. Couple of the group members went to the convent whcih Sr Irene was alone that night becuase Sr Dorothy had been receving medical treatment in Lima. The groups Mmembers started threating Irene to come outside, so she stepped out into the night where she was then escourted to the town plaza. There at the plaza she was placed amoung the other prisonor and she was the first one who was executed.
  • Irene's Funeral

    Irene's Funeral
    On the 23rd of May 1991, a funeral mass was held for Sr Irene McCormack and she was burried in the town of Huasahuasi.