BBC Sherlock - A Scandal in Belgravia

  • MOD e mail

    According to the Casebook, the mail about Bond Air seating is written/sent on this date.
    Presumably Irene sees it short sfter that. she tries to decipher it and have it dechipherded, but fails.
  • Irene Calls Moriarty

    Irene calls Jim Moriarty.
    Jim is at the pool with Sherlock and John.they are not swimming.
  • End of TGG / Beginning of ASiB

    End of TGG / Beginning of ASiB
    This is presumably the day of the pool incident.
    Source: John's Blog. On April 1rst John writes the entry that tells about TGG and says "a few days " have passed.
  • Cases and "normal" life at 221b

    John has been to New Zeland and broke up with Sarah.
    Sherlock and John take a few cases
  • Dead Man in the car

    Sherlock is baffled and cannot solve the mystery of the man found in the boot of a car. in Surrey.
    He is one of the bodies for the first German try of the flight of the dead.
  • Hat Man and Robin

    Hat Man and Robin
    After the case of the Aluminuim Crutch, Sherlock and John are photographed and the newspaper article with the deerstalker is published. Irene sees the picture in the paper and calls Moriarty, telling him she thinks it's time.
    The blackmailing of the Royal family is about to start.
  • The boomerang/car backfires

    Evening: the boomerang accident takes place, the car beckfires.The driver panicks and goes away, to London, to find help.
    John is in Dublin.
  • The Palace / Vatican Cameos

    The Palace / Vatican Cameos
    John writes about this in the blog on September 15, but it probably happened a day before or two. It's a very busy day
    - 14 hrs later (in the morning?) the driver of the car goes to London , he asks Sherlock for help.
    - John goes to the Boomerang crime scene. Sherlock goes back to bed?The driver is still at 221b...
    Afternoon: Sherlock and John at Buckingham Palace
    Late afternoon: Vatican Cameos!
    Evening: Drugged Sherlock
  • "Shut up Mrs Hudson!"

    "Shut up Mrs Hudson!"
    Mycroft visits 221b the morning after the events at Irene's place.
    It cannot be much later than the day after, because Sherlock has a fresh bruise from John's punch and the moan text sound is still quite a new thing.
  • Christmas Eve at 221b

    Christmas  Eve at 221b
    On Christmas Eve, Mrs Husdson, Lestrade, Molly, Sherlock, John and Jeannette are gathered at Baker Street.
    Sherlock finds Irene's phone on the mantelpiece.It's text number 57. John counted.
  • Morgue Christmas

    Morgue Christmas
    The night between Christmas Eve and Christmas, Sherlok and Mycroft go to St. Bart to identify a body.
    Happy holidays!
  • "I'm not dead. Let's have dinner."

    "I'm not dead. Let's have dinner."
    New Year's eve: John meets Irene at Battersea.
    Sherlock follows him.
    Irene texts Sherlock, telling him she is not dead.
  • Mrs. Hudson is assaulted by the CIA

    Mrs. Hudson is assaulted by the CIA
    Sherlock returns home from Battersea, to find the Americans in Baker Street.Happey New Year's Eve Lestrade!
    Well... Out with the old.
    When the police goes away and they reunite in Mrs.hudson kitchen it's 9.30pm(clock on the wall)
  • Sherlock X-Rays the phone/Irene at 221b

    John's blog:"Sherlock's off at Barts x-raying a phone".
  • Irene goes to 221b

    Irene goes to 221b
    Irene is asleep on Sherlock's bed.
    Sherlock decodes the MOD e mail and reveals the Bond Air plan.
    Moriarty blows raspberries at the Big Bang.
    Mycroft doesn't like that element.
  • "Because I took your pulse"

    "Because I took your pulse"
    Bond Air is revealed, Irene meets Mycroft, Sherlock unlocks her phone and the game ends. Almost.
    (it's the same day as before, but let's say it's past midnight so the timeline it's cleareer)
  • Sherlock rescues Irene

    Sherlock rescues Irene
    "Goodbye Mr Holmes"
    "When I say run...Run!"
  • Meeting at Speedy's

    Meeting at Speedy's
    Mycroft and John meet, Irene's fate is revealed and the episode ends... Apart from a little flashback.