Sister irene

Sister Irene

  • Birth of Irene McCormack

    Birth of Irene McCormack
    On this day, Sr Irene was born in a small town named Kununoppin, Western Australia,
  • Period: to

    Life of Sister Irene

  • Accepted as a Novice in the Sisters of St Joseph

    Accepted as a Novice in the Sisters of St Joseph
    Irene McCormack recieves Novice of Sisters of St Joseph.
  • Irene McCormack's First Vows

    Irene McCormack takes her First Vows.
  • Sister Irene Begins her Teaching Career

    Irene McCormack begins her teaching career, the first year of many.
  • Sister Irene takes her Final Vows

    North Melbourne, 1965 Sister Irene took her Final Vows,
  • Sr Irene McCormack Graduates University of WA

    Sr Irene graduates the University of WA, with a major in Geography.
  • Sr Irene becomes Principle of Manjimup Seconday School

    SIster Irene recieves Principle of Manjumup Seconday School, She has been teaching there for almost 15 years, indicating her dedication and love of teaching.
  • Missionary in Peru

    Missionary in Peru
    Missionary work in PeruSister Irene is given her first assignment, to help a low income suburb named El Pacifico.
    She provided the small suburb with library resources and did missionary work.
  • The Shining Path

    Irene McCormack and other Sisters were warned that they were at risk persecution by the Shining Path.
    However Irene, being incredible courageous stayed in Peru to help the inhabitants of the village.
  • Sister Irene McCormacks Death' >Sr Irene's deathThe Shining Path had heard about the good deeds done by the Sisters of St Joseph and were angry and concerned.
    They stormed many houses, and soon found Sister Irene and sentnced her to death, along with 4 other men.
    She was the first to be killed, the bullet struck her head killing her instantly.
    It is reported that the excecutioner is a young girl, making this atrocious event more disturbing.
    A funeral was held for Sr Irene and she was buried in the