The Life of Sister Irene McCormack

  • Irene McCormack is Born

    She was born in Kununoppin, Western Australia
    She was 1 of 6 children
  • Period: to

    The Life of Sister Irene McCormack

  • Irene longed to be a religous sister

    Irene longed to be a religous sister
    Irene Mccormack found peace with Godand wanted to become apart of the Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Joined the Sisters of St Joseph

    Joined the Sisters of St Joseph
    She joined the Sisters of St Joseph when she was 17.
  • She recieves vows as a novice

    Irene recived vows as a novice in order
  • Sister Irene professed her first vows

    Sister irene professed her first vows when she was 20
  • Sister Irene starts teaching her Religion

    She started teaching in South Perth for years 5 to 8 for 1 year. She was teaching at Kalgoorlie for years 5 and 6 for 1 year then teaching at Boulder Upper primary. Sister Irene then (once again) started teaching st South Perth but this time teaching year 9 for 2 years.
  • Sister Irene McCormack was a teacher at South Perth

    irene started teaching years 5-8
  • Irene started teaching at Kalgoorlie school

    Irene started teaching at Kalgoorlie school
    After teaqching at South Perth School, she moved on to teach at Kalgoorlie school.
  • Sister Irene proffesed her final vows!

  • Irene graduated University

    Irene graduated University
    She gratuated from the University of Western Australia with a major in Geography.
  • 25th year anniversry

    Sister Irene McCormack achieved 25 years in the sisters of St Joseph
  • Principal of Kearnan College

    Because irene had been teaching for so many years, she finally became principal.
  • Irene feels restlessness of spirit

    After 30 years of teahing, she feels restlessness of the spirit.This is telling her to make a move and that something has to change.
  • irene resined as principal

    She was the principal of Kearnan College for 4 year before resigning
  • Irene arives in Peru

    Irene arives in Peru
    Sister Irene became a missionary and taught sewing and craftwork to the women of the village and taught the children to play.
  • Sister irene McCormack becomes a Missionary Worker in Peru

    After almost 30 years of teaching she bcame amissionary worker at age 49
  • Irene sets up a library

    irene decides to set up a library for the people in Peru, especially for the children to have an education.
  • Irene fled Peru

    Hwen Irene was warned to leave peru for her safety she listened but then later realised that she had to go back and lead the church
  • Irene didnt want to abandone the church

    Sister Irene McCormack felt that the church in Huasahuasi should not be abandoned. So she and sister Dorothy went back to Peru to lead communion services and provide leadership for the church
  • Sister Irene McCormack executed

    Before being executed she was assulted and mocked. She was executed by Maoist terrorists in Peru.