Life of Sister Irene McCormack

By robegad
  • Birth

    Irene McCormack was born on August 21st 1938 in Kununoppin. She was one of six children and her family that lived on a wheat farm in Traying.
  • Period: to

    Life of Irene McCormack

  • Sisters of St Joseph

    By the age of 15 Irene always wanted to be a nun so at the age of 17 in 1956 she entered the Sisters of St Joseph.
  • Receiving First Vows

    Receiving First Vows
    Irene McCormack receives first vows and is accepted as a sister in the order of the Sisters of St Joseph.
  • Graduation

    Irene McCormack gradated from the University of WA. She qualified as a teacher and began teaching in Western Australian schools.
  • Restlessness of spirit

    Restlessness of spirit
    Irene becomes principal of Kearnan College. However after 30 years of teaching Irene experienced a restlessness of spirit urging her to become a missonary.
  • Flying to Peru

    Flying to Peru
    Irene flies to Peru to help the poor and very needy. She first goes to a town called El Pacifico, a suburb in San Juan de Miraflores.
  • Huasahuasi

    Irene goes to Huasahuasi to serve the poor and help the needy
  • Leaving Huasahuasi

    The priests of Huasahuasi and two sisters left the village for Lima. Irene, however, felt that the church could not abandon the poor and returned on 14 January 1990.
  • Death

    Timeline of Sister Irene\ The shining path caught Irene and sentenced her to death along with four men. Sister Irene was shot in the back of the head by a young woman.
  • Funeral

    Work in Peru Sister Irene's body is buried in Huasahuasi Cemetery. Her body is placed in a niche donated by a follower.