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Irene Eber

By ליז
  • Irene was born

    Irene was born
  • The family was deported to Poland.

    The family was deported to Poland.
    The family was deported to Poland in the "deportation of Zvonshin" and returned to the place of birth of the father, Miletz.
  • A ghetto was established in Milz.

    A ghetto was established in Milz.
  • Jews forced to be deported on death marches.

    All the Jews of Milz were gathered in the market, shouting and shooting. There were selections: young men lined up, old men taken, their bundles left behind in a pile. The others, including us, ran like a huge herd of cattle along the way from the market ... The Germans beat us blindly and shot into the crowd, pulled men and women from the crowd, lined them up in the field and shot them.
  • The Germans are looking for Jews

    The Germans are looking for Jews
    The Germans rounded up the Jews in the town square, searched homes for hiding Jews and murdered in front of the Jews in the town square any captured. They then conducted an order, shot and killed every tenth Jew, and the rest, including Irene, were sent on a death march to the Dembitza ghetto. Irene sneaked into the market square through a hole in the fence and stole food for her family. "Hunger overcame fear. I do not remember being afraid of being caught by the Germans.
  • The ghetto became a labor camp, Eileen came to Milz and sought refuge

    Irene was too young and small to fit in at work, but her Aryan appearance, resourcefulness and fluent Polish in her mouth increased her chances of surviving the identity of a Polish girl. She arrived at Milz and asked for a hiding place. Irene turned to her former neighbors, members of the Orlowski family, Polish refugees deported from Poznan. Mrs. Orlovsky and her daughter warmed up the frozen Irene and gave her clothes and food.
  • Irene came to the United States

    Irene was sent to the United States and arrived in California. She married, adopted two children and completed a doctorate in Chinese studies.
  • Irene immigrated to Israel

    Irene immigrated to Israel
    She later became head of the Department of East Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Studies she has written, as well as parts of her archive, relating to the experiences of Jewish refugees in China during World War II, are preserved in the Yad Vashem Archives.
  • Irene Iber died in Jerusalem

    Irene Iber died in Jerusalem