Irene Hits Berkshire County

  • Irene Forms

    Irene Forms
    The storm system brewing off the Lesser Antilles is dubbed "Tropical Storm Irene." She would become the first named hurricane and the first major hurricane of the 2011 hurricane season. Her first landfill is the same day on St. Croix.
  • Hurricane Status

    Irene is designated a Category One hurricane as she crosses Puerto Rico, leaving more than a million people without power. She heads toward the Bahamas and North Carolina's Outer Banks.
  • FEMA: Batten down the hatches

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency warns Irene could reach Category 3 strength before making land fall on the East Coast. <a href='' target="_blank">"People think hurricanes are a Southern thing but people in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast need to take Irene seriously." Craig Fugate, FEMA administrator</a>
  • Irene Moves Up to 3

    The storm hits Category 3 status, with winds of 115 mph as she winds over the Bahamas. Irene would lose steam as she moved northward.
  • North Adams officials begin planning for storm

    North Adams officials begin planning for storm
    [NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — The city has canceled two major events this Sunday and developed an emergency response plan in face of the threat posed by Hurricane Irene. Irene, the biggest hurricane to affect the Northeast since Gloria in 1985, is expected to hit the region on Sunday afternoon and into Monday morning, bringing upward of 5 to 10 inches of rain and winds of up to 60 mph. "We may have](
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  • Gov. Patrick declares state of emergency

    Gov. Patrick declares state of emergency
    FRAMINGHAM, MA – August 26, 2011, 12:25 p.m.-Governor Deval Patrick has declared a State of
    Emergency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in response to approaching Hurricane Irene.
    The declaration of a State of Emergency will enable the Governor to take the appropriate steps to
    mobilize many of the Commonwealth’s assets, such as the National Guard, and conduct other emergency
    business to assist local communities in their response to and recovery from the many impacts of this
    potentially deva
  • Irene Approaches Northeast

    Irene Approaches Northeast
    Some 65 million people prepare for Irene's arrival. Most events in and around Berkshire County are canceled or postponed because of the approaching storm.
  • Emergency Shelters Opened

    Emergency Shelters Opened
    North Adams and Williamstown plan for emergency evacuations. North Adams' sets up at Drury High but later moved to St. Anthony's Parish Center. The Williamstown Elementary School is opened. Spruces residents are advised to evacuate the mobile home park. In Pittsfield, Reid Middle School is opened as a shelter and another for pets at Springside House. Major towns & cities declare states of emergency.
  • Irene & Baby on the way

    Irene & Baby on the way
    [NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — A Vermont couple battled the storm on Sunday when it looked like the newest member of their family was about to arrive, but the tyke was only teasing.Meg Staloff had expected to give birth to her second child on Aug. 18, according to her doctor's calculations. ](' Target= '_blank)
  • Irene arrives

    Irene arrives
    A mudslide on Miner Street in North Adams exposes a gas line Sunday morning. It's the first indication that Irene is about to inflict damage on North Berkshire.
  • Boat Rescues

    Boat Rescues
    Emergency officials take to the waters to rescue trapped residents in the Spruces Mobile Home Park and a family on Galvin Road.
  • iBerkshires Goes Down! receives a record amount of traffic from residents seeking information on the storm that overwhelms the system. We turn to Facebook to keep people informed. From our readers:
    "Thanks for keeping us up to date during and after the storm. Great Job!"
  • Final Track

    Final Track
    Irene made nine landfalls, caused 56 fatalities and left more than $19 billion in damage from the Caribbean to Canada. She is considered the fifth costliest hurricane in history.
  • North Adams surveys the aftermath

    North Adams surveys the aftermath
    ["During the height of the storm there was one 90-minute period we were getting three calls a minute; so there was some 330 calls within a 90-minute stretch," he said. And that was just to the Emergency Operations Center; police dispatch and 911 were also being inundated.

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  • Roads Closed

    Roads Closed
    Major breaks and undermining of roads in and around Berkshire County reduce travel ability for thousands.