Sister.Irene McCormack

  • Birth

    Irene was born in Kununoppin- Western Australia, near Trayning.
  • Period: to

    Life of Irene McCormack- Video

  • Period: to

    Childhood Years

    Irene lived on a wheat farm in Trayning, North East of Perth with her family of eight members.
  • Preparing to join the Sisters of Sister.Joseph

    Preparing to join the Sisters of Sister.Joseph
  • Recieved as a Novice

    Recieved as a Novice
  • First Vows

    First Vows
  • Period: to

    30 years of work in education

    1960-1961: Taught Years 5-8 in South Perth.
    1964-1965: Kalgorrlie, Years 6 and 7.
    1967: Boulder Upper Primary.
    1970: South Perth, Year 9.
    1971: Taught in Busselton, Years 8-10.
    1974: Taught at Norcia Secondary,
    1975: Mandaring Upper Primary.
    1979: Manjimup, teaching Secondary.
    1981-1985: Principal of Kearnan College.
  • Final Vows

    Final Vows
    Irene McCormack took her Final Vows and Profession at North Sydney.
  • Graduation

    Sister. McCormack graduated from the University of Western Australia with a major in Geography.
  • Restlessness of Spirit

    Restlessness of Spirit
    'Irene felt the call to become a Missionary.'
    'I must listen and respond, to be true to myself, as Irene, as woman, as Christian, as Josephite, as world citizen.' -Sister Irene,
  • Arriving in Peru

    Arriving in Peru
    Arrived in Peru as a volunteer to work with those in need.
    Irene McCormack was appointed to Huasahuasi in 1889.
  • Life in Peru

    Life in Peru
    Difficulties learning the language, asapting with high altitude and 'coming to terms with utter poverty and degradation of the people.'
    McCormack set up a library with jigsaw puzzles, games, dolls, musical instruments and books.
  • Death- Video

    Death- Video
    Irene McCormack was killed with a bullet to the head. The bullet was shot by a Young Girl in the Plaza.
    Aged 52.