Sr Irene McCormack

By jessng
  • Birth Of Sister Irene

    Birth Of Sister Irene
    Sr Irene McCormack was born 21st of agust 1938 in western Australia, she grew up on a sheep farm and recieved her schooling from the Sisters of St Joseph.
  • Sr. Irrene MacCormack became a nun

    Sr. Irrene MacCormack became a nun
    Sister Irene MacCormack decieded to become a nun at the age of 15 she told her mother about the news in a letter she had given to her. she entered the Sisters of St Joesph in Melbourne
  • First Vows

    First Vows
    Sister Irene MacCormacks first vows were made on the 6th of January In 1957
  • Qualified As A Teacher

    Sister Irene MacCormack qualified as a teacher and she taught in a number of schools in Western Australia
  • Last Vows

    Sister Irene MacCormack made her last vows on the 6th of January in 1965
  • graduated from University

    graduated from University
    Sister Irene MacCormack Graduated from University on the 5h of December in 1969
  • Silver Jubilee

    Silver Jubilee
    Sister Irene MacCormack celebrated her 25th anniversary as a Josphite on the 6th of January 1981
  • Sr Irene becoming a Missionare

    Sr Irene becoming a Missionare
    on the 26th of june sister irene maccormack decieded to serve the poor in Peru after 30 years of teaching. in peru sister irene set up a library and she also set up games, dolls and musical instruments she said that she came to peru to love people
  • Death of Sr Irene MacCormack

    Sister Irene MacCormack died on the 21st of may 1991 sister irene was in the garden when of all of sudden there was a loud bang at the door they were calling for her name. for 2 hours sister irene and four other people were bullied and shouted at by the terorist at 8pm sister irene was first to be executed
  • Sister Irenes funeral

    On the 23rd of may sister irene was laid to rest and was burried at the Huasahuasi cemetery