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Life of Sr Irene McCormack

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    Irene McCormack

  • Birth

    Story Of Sister IreneSr Irene McCormack was born on the 21st of August, 1938, in Kununoppin. She was one of six children whose family lived on a weat farm.
  • Enerted the sisters of St Joseph

    Enerted the sisters of St Joseph
    By the age of 15 Irene had always wanted to become a nun, so at the age of 17, 1st of January, 1956 she entered the sisters of St Jospeh.
  • Receiving first vows as a novice

    Irene receives her first vows and is accepted as a sister in the order of St Joseph,1st Jan, 1957.
  • Last vows

    Last vows
    Irene was fully accepted as in nun, and took her last vows on the 16th of October, 1965.
  • Graduated from University of WA

    Graduated from University of WA
    Irene McCormack gradated from the University of WA. She then qualified as a teacher and began teaching in Western Australian schools. Irene's teaching career lasted 30 years.
  • Became principal of Kearnan Colledge

    Irene McCormack became the principal of Kearnan Colledge, in 1985.
  • Flying to Peru

    Irene flies to Peru to help the poor and very needy. She first goes to a town called El Pacifico, a suburb in San Juan de Miraflores.
  • Left to serve Huasahusai

    Left to serve Huasahusai
    Irene leaves Puru to serve in Huasahusai on the 26th of June, 1987.
  • Death

    Sr Irene's life The shining path caught Irene and sentenced her to death on the 21st of May, 1991. Irene was shot in the back of the head by a young woman.
  • Funeral

    Irene McCormack's funeral was on the 23rd of May. Her body is buried in Huasahuasi Cemetery.