• Birth

    Irene McCormack was born on the 21st August in 1938, in Western Australia, Kununoppin
  • Period: to

    Becoming a nun

    In 1953 (15), she considered to be a nun, she wrote a letter to her mum saying, “I hope I can rely on you to do what is best, and I thank God for the wonderful parents he has given me. I hope I am not proving a disappointment to you, but it is my duty to God to follow in his calling no matter where it leads.” Then in 1957 (19), she became a nun and joined the Saint Joseph Parish.
  • Period: to


    In 1957, she wanted to help children with education and then she decided to became a teacher. After 30 years of teaching different schools around Australia, she decided to take a step forward and to help the sick and the poor.
  • Missionary work

    In 1987 (49), she went to Huasahuasi, Peru to do missionary work. She taught a lonely village in a mountain and taught children how to read and write. She also ran a library for people to read and to teach children. On 26th June 1989, she has teaching ministers the Holy Communion and has been visiting parishioners in the far district.
  • Left to Lima

    On 17th December 1989, the priest warned her about the terrorists that invade the village,then Irene and sister Dorothy left to Lima.
  • Came back to Huasahuasi

    On 14th January 1990, she felt like the church shouldn't be abandoned so she went back, she found that their were no priest at the church. But sister Irene and sister Dorothy led communion services and provided leadership for the people. She also didn’t want to leave the people in the villages with terrorists.
  • Death

    On Tuesday 21st May 1991 near 6pm, members of Sendero Luminoso entered the town in Huasahuasi and threatened innocent people. She was alone because Sr Dorothy was receiving medical treatment from the attack. They took Irene to a plaza with other innocent prisoners. Sr Irene gave them food and blankets, but got dismissed by the armed bandits because she wasn't American. Soon the bandits captured Sr Irene again and was ordered to line up facing down, she was the first to get shot.
  • Funeral

    On Thursday 23rd May 1991, a funeral was held for sister Irene McCormack, all her loved ones came to visit and Sr Irene was buried in the Huasahausi cemetery.
  • Saint??

    On October 2010, Irene McCormack went viral saying that she could be Australia’s second saint, according to the media.