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Sister Irene McCormack

  • Date of birth

    Date of birth
    Sister Irene
    Sister Irene was born in Kununoppin, Western Australia. Duaghter of parents Mary O' Merara and Thomas McCormack. She had livred on a wheat and sheep farm in Trayning with her 5 other siblings. She had went to school at the Sisters of St Joseph for both primary and secondary. In Irene's childhood she loved her life, dancing and sport her favourite sport was aussie rules football
  • Irene entered the Sisters of St. Joesph

    Irene entered the Sisters of St. Joesph
    Irene entered the Sisters of St. Joesph which is an Australian religious order founded by St Mary Mackillop and know as the Joesephites
  • First Vows

    First Vows
    Sister Irene's first vow
  • Working in education

    Irene started teaching in South Perth for years 5 to 8 for 1 year. She was teaching at Kalgoorlie for years 5 and 6 for 1 year them teaching at Boulder Upper primary. Sister Irene returned back to where she had started teaching st South Perth but this time teaching year 9 for 2 years. After more years of teaching at more schools Irene had become the Principal of Kearnan College from years 1981 to 1985.
  • Last Vows

    Sister Irene said her last vows
  • Gratuated from University

    Gratuated from University
    She gratuated from the University of Western Australia with a major in Geography.
  • Silver Jubilee

    Silver Jubilee
    In 1981 Sister Irene celbrated her 25th anniversry of being a Joesephite.
  • Becoming a missionare

    Becoming a missionare
    sister irene videoIrene had decided after 30 years teaching she had felt a restlessness of sprirt and the need to make a move. Sister Irene wrote "I must listen and respond, to be true to myself, as Irene, as woman, as Christian, as Josephite, as world citizen". IN Peru she had set up a libary set up with books, jigsaw puzzles, games, dolls and musical instruments. Irene said she had simply came to Peru to love people
  • Death

    Sister Irene On the 21st of May 1991 Irene was in the garden when there was loud banging on the door it was the Shining Path who where a revolutionary force. For 2 hours Irene and 4 other people were bullied, interrogated and shouted at by the terriosts. At 8pm all 5 victims where ordered to lay down at this moment they where all shot in the head with Siter Irene being the first to be executed.
  • Funeral

    On 23 May 1991 a funeral Mass was held and Irene was buried in the Huasahuasi cemetery, in a niche donated by a parishioner