Byzantine Emperors

  • 280

    Contantine's birth

  • Period: 312 to 337

    Constantine the Great

  • 324

    Constantine reunited empire.

    Constantine reunited empire.
    Constantine defeated Licinius who in 316 had defeated Maximinus and Constantine took control of the hole empire and reunited empire.
  • 337

    Constantine's death

    The day Constantine died he was baptized, it was all he wanted, to be baptized on the day of his death.
  • 347

    Theodosius birth

  • Period: 379 to 395

    Theodosius the Great

  • 387

    Thessalonica Riot

    Thessalonica Riot
    The city Thessalonica rioted due to the arrest of their favorite chariot because he was homosexual. And Theodosius order a chariot race as a revenge
  • 391

    Temples Were Closed

    All the pagan temples were closed and the worship became forbidden.
  • 483

    Justinian birth

  • Period: 527 to 565

    Justinian I

  • 534


    Justinian I reorganized the government and made an sponsorship called Codex Justinianus that was of codification of laws
  • 537

    Hagia Sophia

    He reconstructed, so he sent people top destroy it and rebuild it due to the damage it had suffered.
  • 540

    Many of the Battles

    another battle broke out, but Justinian was in Italy and he had something called army because he forgot to take care of it and he only had that to defend.
  • 575

    Heraclius's birth

  • Period: 610 to 641


  • 614


    He conquered Syria and Palestine and made them start to believe in Christ’s Cross
  • 627

    The Persians

    Heraclius crossed the Armenian highlands and got to were the Persians were, and there he killed 3 Persian generals in only one combat.
  • 752

    Irene's birth

  • 790

    Irene's son takes the power

    Constantine VI took power of Irene, since they both were co-ruling so he took he mother out of power
  • 792

    Irene is back

    Irene is back
    Irene at last was able to come back and continue co-ruling with he son
  • 797

    The death of Irene's son

    Irene sent her men to blind her son for conspiring against her
  • Period: 797 to 802


  • 957

    Basil's birth

  • Period: 976 to 1025

    Basil II

  • 978

    Zoe's birth

  • 981

    Theodora's birth

  • Period: 986 to 1014


    There was a warfare between Byzantium and Bulgaria
  • 1018

    war was over

    After 20 years of fighting, it was finally over
  • Period: 1028 to 1050


  • Period: 1028 to 1034

    First Husband

    She first marry Romanos III
  • Period: 1034 to 1041

    Second Husband

    Then she married Michael IV
  • 1042


    She started to co-rule with Zoe
  • Period: 1042 to 1056


  • Period: 1042 to 1050

    Third husband

    Lastly she married Constantine IX
  • 1055

    Zoe's and Cnstantinen IX death

    After Constantine IX and Zoe died she came to power all alone