Marie curie

Irene Joliot Curie

By deja_5
  • The Birth Of Irene Joliot Curie

    The Birth Of Irene Joliot Curie
    Mrs. Irene Curie was born in Paris on this date.
  • Graduation

    Irene Curie graduated from Sevigne College and then went to the University of Paris.
  • Studies

    Irene temporarily left her studies to become a nurse radiographer.
  • University Of Paris

    University Of Paris
    Irene went back to the University of Paris where she recieved her Ph.D.
  • Doctor Of Science

    Doctor Of Science
    Irene became Doctor of Science in this year, she made a thesis on the alpha rays of polonium. ( Which couldn't be found what it stated.)
  • Marriage

    She married her lovely husband and former physicist Frederic.
  • The Joliot-Curie Team

    The Joliot-Curie Team
    Irene and her came up with the first simulated radioactivity in atoms from stable elements.
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    Irene and her husband were both awarded with The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for that great discovery.
  • Action Of Neutrons

    Irene researched athe action of neutrons. ( This was a very important step in the discovery of uranium fission.)
  • Director

    She was pronounced the Director of the Radium Institute.
  • French Atomic Energy Commission

    Irene assisted her husband and other scientists with the establishing of France's first atomic pile.
  • Discontinued

    Irene was exempt from her work because of her afflilation with the French Communist party. ( Which her husband founded.)
  • Death

    Irene was trying to fight her leukemia that came because of the exposure to all of the radioactive elements.